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Hi all :)

My passion for Anime was born a few years ago (I mean Real anime, not cartoons for Kids). My first anime subbed was Elfen Lied (2008), since then I started watching many other.

About my genres, I watch almost everything (Fantasy,Mistery,Horror,ecchi,Magic,ecc...),the only genres I don't really like are Mecha and Sports.

My judgment for anime (stars) is Custom xD:

0= N.c ( I can't give a judgment )

0,5/1= Really Bad ( Anime very useless and boring, time completely wasted! )

1,5/2= Bad ( FAIL, not recommended )

2,5= Not Bad ( vaguely interesting, but... )

3= Good ( Good anime, medium vote... a good way to pass the time, but nothing very special )

3,5/4= Really Good! ( Really recommended anime, with good stories and/or characters... time well spent )

4,5= Great!! ( If i give this judgment you can be sure this anime really has something special, and I personally recommend it )

5= OMG!!! ( The PERFECTION ....only some anime can reach this vote, my "best" experiences in the world of anime :D)

For this reason, you can see many anime, even if good, under "4". Well, this is my personal opinion :)

For any question you can contact me without problems :)


-In my list "Epic Anime", I put only the first season because an anime can be composed by more season, but still the same story! ( I can't give different votes for the same story. I will give different votes ONLY if the first and the second season are disconnected between their. )

-I have almost all the material (OST, img, Extra ecc...) of all my anime.

-I play Lineage 2 (MMORPG).
I play Touhou (Jap pc game, if you don't know what I'm talking about, just use Youtube). I play League of legends.

-I'd never dropped and i'll never do!

Epic Record xD:

- 1TB of anime stored in my pc= DONE! 

- 100 OST (anime) stored in my pc= DONE!

- Full backup= DONE!

- 200 anime "watched"= DONE!

- 400 anime "watched"= Loading....


- 24 hours anime no-stop= DONE! (I've watched anime for 24 hours without any break!)

- FUKKIRETA 10 hours =DONE! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqT0iFZifgw ...10 hours of the same loop-song/video!)

Life on anime

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Anime ratings

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259 total

Manga ratings

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Teofava says...

We patacca!!

Visto che mi tengo aggiornato?

Ve che sto tirando dentro il nostro mondo TROPPA gente... xD

Tu il materiale, io la propaganda... stiamo facendo un disastro!

o bella!

Jan 10, 2012
Nakajou says...

Non sapevo che tu... sapessi l'inglese... T.T

Jun 18, 2011
FlameBaby says...

yea. i saw it was confirmed ^^

Jun 17, 2011
FlameBaby says...

Wow thanks for the info about fate/zero hope it will be awesome xD

Jun 10, 2011
dark176 says...


Lo sapevo che ti trovavo qui, m'han detto che il tuo cervello si è trasferito nel mondo degli anime xD

torna anche nel mondo reale ogni tanto, mi raccomando!

Bella! =D

May 26, 2011