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4EverDreamer says...

Thanks for clearing things up

Jan 18, 2010
4EverDreamer says...

Hi, I noticed you watched the entire show of Haruhi Suzamiya season 2. Did you find it subbed anywhere? I can only find upto ep 14.

Jan 18, 2010
dnst3qface says...

oic, well ill have to take a look at those then :P thanks for that. it was cool talking to you.

Oct 3, 2009
dnst3qface says...

oh really? it was different? it looked the same to me o.O. ill take your word on it then.

Oct 3, 2009
dnst3qface says...

endless 8 in the anime series? or written down stuff? what did you think of those episodes? im sure youll guess my reaction. although it was a little interesting now and again in certain episodes. i could not wait til it was over and done with. i have a bit of an issue with repetitive things. i am not patient enough i guess? either way i can see how it happens and the role it would play in the story but i was so glad when kyon finally solved the puzzle. it was getting REALLY tedious tbh but yhe.

Oct 3, 2009