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My name is Emi, よろしく! ^v^

My favorite animes of all time are....

1. Fruits Basket (BY FAR)

2. Lovely Complex

3. Bleach

4. Ouran High School Host Club

5. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (the first version is also amazing)

^^ This list changes a lot but that's what it looks like now!

Favorite anime guys of all time:

KYO SOHMA!!!!!! >v<

TOSHIRO HITSUGAYA!!!!!!!!!<333333


If you know animes you think i'd like, please tell me!!!




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animeforever817 says...

i think its really good (obvious since its one of my favs ^_^) and he's just so evil! like in one of the episodes he's just toying with a girl who was deciding if she should commit suicide or not

Apr 14, 2011
animeforever817 says...

so what they're anime guys. We can love as many as we want HUZZAH! xd LOLZ

Apr 13, 2011
JakeE720 says...

so what if i do i dont brag about it!

and i like gaming girls more. :/

but meh the guy you like most is ranga so that means i have a chance *makes an awsome action pose*


Apr 13, 2011
AChocolateOrchid says...

only half way done with going throught the anime list....

haven't even gone through manga list....


Apr 13, 2011
animeforever817 says...

I loved how momiji got his growth spurt. He became quite sexy XD

Apr 13, 2011