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My name is Emi, よろしく! ^v^

My favorite animes of all time are....

1. Fruits Basket (BY FAR)

2. Lovely Complex

3. Bleach

4. Ouran High School Host Club

5. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood (the first version is also amazing)

^^ This list changes a lot but that's what it looks like now!

Favorite anime guys of all time:

KYO SOHMA!!!!!! >v<

TOSHIRO HITSUGAYA!!!!!!!!!<333333


If you know animes you think i'd like, please tell me!!!




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jonsonicu64 Jun 29, 2011

hi sup i made a review cheak it out and put a comment if you want and tell me i did a good review or not

jonsonicu64 May 19, 2011

sorry for my suuuuper late response XD its ok we have a life to take of XD try find a job ... iron man the movie?

animeforever817 May 3, 2011

I haven't answered my comments in ages :O

JakeE720 Apr 29, 2011

nice. and yea thats what happens when ur an anime fan XD. i havent watched overly alot of anime. BUT im pretty sure there are some animes ive watched and cant remember them :/

and lol i just refuse to do homework -.-'

animeforever817 Apr 26, 2011

haha my words are data and shittles

and its tsukasa from .hack//SIGN