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Anime/Live-Action Reviewer at The Nihon Review as AC.

Former member of The Anime Academy as animanic_critic.

Member of MyAnimeList as AC-CESS.

Some opinions regarding certain aspects of anime:

1) I love productions by Madhouse Studios, even if the quality can be inconsistent, because it can whip out something amazing out of nowhere (think Redline or Wolf Children). The studio is pretty much the direct opposite of Kyoto Animation: a studio that is very consistent with their productions but never surprises me with anything new (notice how their productions always have high school theme? Why not try something different for a change?). Simply put, risky experimentation that can pay off well > safe production that is same old.

2) To be honest, comedy doesn't really bode well with me for most anime. It's not that I don't have a sense of humor; it's more like, it's very hard for an anime to really tickle my funny bone. A show like B Gata H Kei doesn't come by very often, but I don't really favor the comedy genre in general.

3) Studio Ghibli shows are objectively speaking, always well-made and amazing. Yet, I would never list any of their productions on my all-time favorite list. That's why I always rank them high, yet I wouldn't name one if someone asks me for favorite shows. They always share the same straits which I don't really like: feministic themes, anti-human/pro-environmentalist messages, etc.

4) There's just too much moe in the anime industry. I know how it's raking in the dough, but as one who doesn't give a crap about business involved in making anime, I always yearn the days the pre-moe days of anime. Oh, those were the days...

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