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sothis avatar sothis


Oct 20, 2007

"I don't mess with this site that much"

Blah, why not? ;) I'm always adding new features -- for example I see you haven't made a custom sig yet, they rule. Lots of stuff planned for the future too :D 

zunes avatar zunes


Oct 18, 2007

I read briefly on that Cowboy Bebop anime and liked what I learned .. I'll consider watching it ^^ Thanks for letting me know of it !

zunes avatar zunes

Tell Me About Yourself!

Oct 17, 2007

What?? what?? Seen so much, and no opinion?? What about Fullmetal Alchemists? Or the Kenshin ova?? The legendary shows everybody's talking about (or so I've hear :-/) :-D What did you think of them? or claymore? tell me, tell us, let me know - Tell me more! Don't you agree Fullmetal is a sure Top 1? =D

sothis avatar sothis


Jul 24, 2007

Ooo, what are you thinking of Claymore? I love Berserk and have noticed it's the top rec for Claymore, which makes me think perhaps I should watch it.

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