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Not much to say. Im just a guy who likes anime, manga, and playing Video Games (who doesnt :p).

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What?! No anime ratings?

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What?! No manga ratings?

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Minai99 Jun 16, 2012

Hey man. I actually got my account cleared the other day. Turns out the whole deal was a bunch of bs, they made a mistake and there was no good reason for my account to have been blocked to begin with. I'm not planning on using it, though. Just in general, I'm trying to reduce my total time watching anime and whatnot cause I have a lot of other things that I need to get done in the next few months. But thanks for asking, I appreciate it. :) As I  mentioned, I'll happily chat it up with you sometime if you just leave me a comment and we schedule it. I know I still haven't given you any recs. :p As to toonami, I'm definitely still watching it on saturdays, although that's the only anime I've really been watching lately. 

jualseta Jun 13, 2012

Hey ^^ Haven't seen you on irc since you first came xP Enjoying toonami?

Minai99 Jun 2, 2012

Gah...One week later nad the damned account is still suspended! >_<

I don't even know why I got ! D: All I was doing was talking about toonami! D:

Minai99 May 30, 2012

hahaha. Well as to the chatroom, I'm not there often recently because I've been too busy. But anyways


chat now



Just lemme know if you'd like to talk and I'll happily hop on. I'm also on here, as well. As to the list, I think the next time we talk real-time I'll help you out with that. :)