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First Impression : Soul Hunter

16 SEP

Okay!  I'm not sure why I wanted to give Soul Hunter a chance, but so far I think this might not be my cup of tea.  First of all, there is this dude who is supposed to be a god who rides a giant cat and talks in a most annoying mono-tone manner.  He finds everything "interesting."  What I find interesting is why a god, with all of his infinite abilities, would choose such a god-awful (HA!) hair style.  And then there is this other god (who I think is the King God or something) who decides to send this other incompetent boob-of-a-god down to earth with the task of killing 365 other gods and imprisoning them on top of this plateau in heaven.  Oh! - The boob-of-a-god I was talking about earlier?  He rides a talking hippo.  In short - I'm on episode 2 and I already don't know what the hell is going on.  Maybe I should go back and watch the first episode again... nah!  It's way more fun to watch like this.

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