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First Impression: Record of Lodoss War

16 SEP

I remember being a teenage boy and seeing Record of Lodoss War for rent at Video Galaxy.  At the time, my main motivation for renting anime was to sneak peaks at some animated boobies.  I was thirteen and my dad never suspected that the cartoon I picked out was just as inappropriate for me to view as the soft core porn that he was renting (which I would also watch after he went to bed.)  Why am I telling you this?  Because ROLW always intrigued me.  I mean, it looked like something I would be in to but my teenage hormones didn't want to waste a rental on it when Crying Freeman was just sitting on the shelf right next to it.

Now I am older and have sex readily available to me.  This gives my anime viewing experiences a whole new dimension.  Gone are the days of sitting (or fast-forwarding) through painfully convoluted storylines just to see a brief glimpse of nudity.  Now I watch anime because I actually enjoy some of it on a non-masturbatory level.  Crazy, I know!  So I've gone back and found those titles that had always intrigued me but that I had never seen.

So far, Record of Lodoss War is pretty good.  Granted, I am only into the third episode.  The animation is typical for its early 90s release.  Kind of choppy (there was one section where the same two minute scene was replayed frame-for-frame in sequence for no other reason than to kill an extra two minutes) but it really brings back a sense of nostalgia.  The story is basic but it does a good job of recreating a D&D session, what with a party of a few different character classes battling monsters to gain experience while learning new skills and abilities.

So I guess I dig it thus far.  I'll write a review once I am done watching the complete 'record.'  Hopefully it won't be rejected.


TheMajor5 avatar TheMajor5
May 21, 2010

LOL i have give you props for jacking off to anime as a kid lmfao.  Still though, I never thought of doing that to anime, im in it just for the incredible stories and creativeness.

Though the blog was funny, but have to say, this anime has bee nslow it seems.  Choppy yes but the problem is, they explain to much and let the bad guys get away!!!!!  While they're explaining whats going on, they escape!!  Less talk more kicking of the ass.  Though you are are right in this being the old style, so have to say I agree with ya and its been an old bumpy, yet interesting, rid XD

MCallahan27 avatar MCallahan27
Mar 12, 2010

So what was the final verdict on Lodoss War... did you ever finish it?

Funkgun avatar Funkgun
Sep 23, 2009

OMG this was painfully funny to read.


A walk down memory lane there mate. I never knew that anime could be a good camofladge for porn titles for younger gents... i susupect you never had an opertunty to see Urotsukidoji did you?

Anyhow, glad your re-checking the older titles. Fun stuff.


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