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First Impression: Vexille


I've watched the first twenty minutes of Vexille so far and I have to say that I am impressed.  The animation is pretty kick-ass with a good mix of cell-shading and 3D CGI.  The thing that truly gets me is the story.  It seems so western-centric.  Japan is the Evil Empire in Vexille.  JAPAN!  All because they make robots.  I find this very interesting.  Imagine if an American movie was released wherein the USA is portrayed as a suppressive, evil authority over its citizens lives.  Imagine the outcry from certain factions of society!  "How could you say such terrible things about America?  Why do you hate freedom?  Are you a Communist?"  I wonder if Vexille got this kind of reaction when it was released in Japan.  Something tells me 'no.'  This kind of makes me sad.

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