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Heya, I'm just an average guy who loves to watch anime and play video games.

The first anime I ever really got into was One Piece and has been my favorite thing of all time since.  Ever since, I've watched other animes that were on at the same time here in North America such as Zatch Bell, BoBoBo, and Naruto.  Once one Piece was canceled here I was very upset.  I soon realized the actual "WORLD" of anime, as in the internet!  I watched every episode of One Piece and follow the manga now as well.  Thanks to the Anime world, i have been able to meet some of my now best friends!  It also led me into other series I REALLY enjoy such as Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Beelzebub, Gintama, and others.



If I were to list my top 5 favorite Anime/Manga they would be as follow:

1. One Piece (Manga & Anime)

2. Gintama (Anime, Haven't read manga yet)

3. Beelzebub (Manga & the middle 40 episodes of the Anime)

4. Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Manga)

5. Shokugeki no Soma (Manga)





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DeDaan says...

Hiya hiya ;) Thanks for the 2 year celibration ;) I am doing fine even though i've been really quite here the last days :S Maby its because i am quite busy with work and sports ( since recently i am doing Kendo, wich is really awesome !! ) Right now i am on a holiday in Lisbon, so everthing is fine !!

How are you celibrating your vacation ??

Aug 6, 2012
FringeGal says...

I've never cosplayed before so I wouldn't know that feeling, but it sounds like such an awesome sensation. Who did you cosplay as?

You mean starting a fire by rubbing those wood sticks together... or something else?

It is very difficult fitting into somewhere new, but lets hope that miracle happens then! How was the orientation at your college, did you see some of the people who are going to be in your classes?

I know what you mean, I'm freaking out about college too!

Aug 5, 2012
kaosu says...

About time you started watching Steins;Gate and loving Dr.Pepper!

Aug 4, 2012
Jare says...

Wow, that sounds more exciting than I thought it'd be. I bet you had quite a number of prizes and merchandise too at the end of the day, noh? Probably lots of Sanjis and Gintokis. Never heard of Team Four Star though, could you give me a brief description of them? :)

*double gasp* Oh oh no no, I just didn't think you cosplayed! That's cool though, haha. :] But now, I'm really curious, Roman-senpai.. who did you dress up as? Could it be.. Momiji, the Goddess of flatness?!

Thank you! And yup, I'm in the Philippines (aka the Mexico of Asia) right now. It's like 2a.m. here, but it's probably the afternoon there, am I right?

Aug 4, 2012
Nurarihyon19 says...

wow sounds lie you've been busy... ah a hoiday that mustve been nice shame about losing your pokemon game, ive been playing pokemon alot on my 3ds recently. wow what did you dress up as? i went to comiccon in london as it was an anime based one it was so awesome think i may go again next year and dress up.

yeh thats what i mean about sword art online its like they give you a glimpse of something cool and then nothing else, if they put a bit more in it would be so awesome.

I've just been at home for a while now going back up to uni soon can't wait :) how come you don't think you'll like college??

Aug 3, 2012