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Heya, I'm just an average guy who loves to watch anime and play video games.

The first anime I ever really got into was One Piece and has been my favorite thing of all time since.  Ever since, I've watched other animes that were on at the same time here in North America such as Zatch Bell, BoBoBo, and Naruto.  Once one Piece was canceled here I was very upset.  I soon realized the actual "WORLD" of anime, as in the internet!  I watched every episode of One Piece and follow the manga now as well.  Thanks to the Anime world, i have been able to meet some of my now best friends!  It also led me into other series I REALLY enjoy such as Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Beelzebub, Gintama, and others.



If I were to list my top 5 favorite Anime/Manga they would be as follow:

1. One Piece (Manga & Anime)

2. Gintama (Anime, Haven't read manga yet)

3. Beelzebub (Manga & the middle 40 episodes of the Anime)

4. Katekyo Hitman Reborn (Manga)

5. Shokugeki no Soma (Manga)





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kio3459 says...

hey, i was wondering which anime the gif (girl with blue hair, dog spinning) is from?  It looks fimiliar but.. I cant seem to remember..


Nov 7, 2012
JerichoxBarrons says...

O.o man you're watching alot of anime right now.

Nov 4, 2012
NorthPole says...

Anime-Planet Secret Santa 2012

All are welcome to join! Click the above link for more details! Spread the word ^__^

Oct 30, 2012
eza160 says...

Hey long time no chat.

Sorry i haven't chatted in ages but i have been a bit busy with school and work and tafe...

and Anime lol Of course :P

Oct 25, 2012
kaosu says...

pretty much this so far 

and i tried looking for the new gintama, but i couldnt find it =/ guess ill just look harder since you say it's out

and I dont want to watch a lot this season either, but im thinking if im going to drop any more series, itll probably be #12 and down on that list

Oct 14, 2012