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This, being my first review, is going to be a bit flawed, but I at least want to get my thoughts out there so no one wastes their time on this show (unless they like). I did watch this show as it was being aired, so I had to wait a week for every episode; generally I felt the show degrading itself over time, having most of its power in the beginning but slowly crumbling away to an ending that seemed under-climatic.


Surprisingly enough, I actually recieved the impression that this was going to be a decent harem that would follow an interesting path; perhaps not the greatest but definitely interesting. My hopes were pleased in the first few episodes, where the humour, somewhat childish at times, including awkward situations, definitely was a great highlight to me watching the series. 

The series seemed to put itself into a purgatory. After around 5 episodes or so, I began to have feelings of deja-vu - those feelings were right. Several scenarios would be played agian and again: one of Masuza reading Eita's notebook, Masuza's sister barging in to whip herself around to create 'tension' of unknown origins, Eita getting caught in some situation where all the girls want somethign from him and he can't do 2 things at once. I realize these are some form of plot development and progression; however, they seemed to be plugged and chugged from the "Harem-Plot-Development-101". The story began with a great situation but just seemingly unlikely events unfolded. The first half episodes are the fantastic wrapping of a present that, inside being a quirky gift that you have to smile and nod and accept, you really don't want it deep down.

The harem would have been much better if the final two characters were not introduced: Ai Fuyuumi and Himeko Akishino. The plot could have focused a lot more on the development of Chiwa, Eita's childhood friend, and Masuza, a newfound fake girlfriend. In fact, my interest was only with these two because of the actual deep connection they had with Eita that could be seen as plausible. Ai seemed to be a character pulled out of the producer's rear to add more tension; Himeko... she did not relatively deserve a place here.

The series starts out great but soons trips over its own feet in its attempt to add more characters than necessary and create unsympathetic drama that doesn't feel too relatable. A good thing this series did not beat around the bush with too many fillers or else it would have been completely unbearable to watch; its 13 episodes are bearable.

I did become detached from the characters as the show went on, so the ending was definitely not to my liking. It reminds me of "all bark no bite" in which words were said but nothing really seemed solidified to greatly wrap up the ending. If the show chopped off the final scene the last episode, it would have been a corny ending, but at least it was more pleasing than the ending they gave us.


Personally, there really isn't much to say about its animation style. Its nothing vividly impressing nor was it horrendous to not watch it, it just felt (slightly above) typical. Only thing to say is that is has a brighter tone, which while different, didn't strike me as spectacular, just good. I guess it adds to the lightheartedness of the series because there never was a heavy tone pressing upon me.

There were times when Masuza read from Eita's notebook in which an interesting means of producing the drawings of the notebook on the screen but that glammer fades pretty fast when its repeated throughout the entire series along with that same incident.


 Again, nothing special about the sound. My only complaint is I felt like two or three tracks played the entire series, and that became repetitive. 


Laughable at best, a lot of these quirky teens can't be taken entirely seriously. I'm not saying the 'realistic' aspect of anime is good or bad (in fact I watch anime because it escapes the norm) but when human relations are messed up, there is a noticeable inbalance. The most balanced characters, in terms of personality, seem to be the main 3; Eita, Masuza, and Chiwa. Even then, they react to situations in a way that doesn't feel right at times; however, the great thing about these characters is that they tie together nicely in a sense of drama that is real to the series. 

Their weak point seems to be a lack of change. While these three characters have enough depth to make them interesting, nothing happens. Of all the situations they go through together, not a single one of them take a dramatic change that would make them seem human. I am aware that comedies often involve static characters, at least in Western culture, but for a series that wants to take itself seriously by adding depth had better have some dynamic characters. I'd give these characters a 6/10

However, the worst of all the series are both Ai and Himeko. Ai's personality is that of a preppy cheerleader on crack, to put it in mild terms, and to put the icing on the cake, she acts terribly terribly ignorant and stupid. All forms of intelligent life is void from her, I can say I despised this character. Himeko... well she appears at best to have read Eita's book somehow and is stalking him, but the anime never mentions that she read it, so I'm assuming she may just be a shy psycho. She adds no tension, no plot development, nothing more other than to take up screen time being a doll - nothing more. These characters are, respectively, 2.5/10 and 1/10.


Plot development and tension fall apart as the series progresses and leaves an ending that leaves a slightly bitter taste with additional characters that only cause the story to be chunky - that is my review in a sentence. It started off with a bang, but kinda felt droned on once you get used to its style.

I personally can't recommend this show to any veteran anime watcher. As time goes on and as people grow older, they have less free time, and in return become more picky in what to watch; wasting time is not a luxury adults have. However, if you are a person interested in Harems and could go for a quick laugh or two, at least in the beginning, with shaky plot and alright main characters, you might enjoy this show enough.

4/10 story
6/10 animation
4.5/10 sound
5/10 characters
5/10 overall

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jaguart says...

Thank you. This was well written and I won't waste my time with the episodes after 5.

Apr 7, 2014