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My name is Christian, I am 18 years old, and I was born and raised in Puerto Rico. I started watching animes a couple of years back whe I went with my older brother to an anime store. He rented Mazin Kaizer, after I watched that I got a little bit more interested in anime, now I completely love anime, but not as much as my brother. Now i just trying to find newer and better anime to watch.

So if anybody out there would like to tell me their favorite anime or animes that they recomend please tell me, its a 70% chance that I'll track it down and watch it.

Here are some more things about me:

I love Break Dancing, Listening to Music ( I prefer Hip-Hop), Gymnastics ( I am not in a gymnastics program or anything, its just that I like to learn new flips), Playing football, baseball, basketball, and probably just about any sport.

I LOVE playing video games (If you ask, I like playing every type of games).

My favorite subjects are Math and Science.

My least favorite subjects are History and Literature (English and Spanish).

My favorite food is Instant Ramen.

And my least favorite food is vegetables.

Thats pretty much all their is to know about me.

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NemuHime Nov 14, 2007
You know, at first I hated Guitar Hero, but once I played it, I was hooked. That game is addictive! Here in California, its freezing! But I don't miss summer...not yet. Cold weather means snow! Hobbies...I play guitar (a real one), I snowboard, I play video games when I can...I cook alot, and I love concerts. How about you? Aside from dancing? Do you like American R&B or do you listen to Puerto Rican brand? Sorry....looong comment ^.^
NemuHime Nov 12, 2007

Sure, you can have online access ^.^ (Although in that case, you could just call for help with aim or something)...My favorite console is Dreamcast but if I had to choose a game to be stuck with I guess it would be...Guitar Hero off the top of my head. I could download songs and keep myself busy. ^.^ The new Resident Evil comes out soon!

NemuHime Oct 4, 2007

Right on! So what other types of video games do you play? Whats your favorite console? If you had to be stuck on a deserted island with one video game for 1 year, what would it be?


NemuHime Oct 1, 2007

Do you like Street Fighter?

abavon Sep 19, 2007

you havn't filled your watched lists yet so it's hard to tell much but any fan of naruto is all right with me :)