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1010rikku Dec 4, 2007

Welcome to anime-planet!! I see you have been hard at work creating your anime list! Great Job!

Just don't forget a cool avatar and interesting top 5 are a must for a most excellent profile *nods*

If you looking for a cool pic for you signature, check out the anime planet forum, there are full a cool pics there, created by other users especially for other to use. Or there’s even a thread to request something special :) 


xXYoruichiXx Dec 3, 2007

Hello 6souls! Welcome to Anime-Planet.

I noticed that you're watching Xenosaga. How are you liking it? I'm watching it as well, although I've only seen up to episode 4 so far. Have you played any of the games? That was the main reason that I started watching it.