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tetra Jan 27, 2008

Great avatar! Not what I expected with that top5 list though ;)

sothis Dec 10, 2007

Hmmm the html code is not required as I don't want people doing evil things :) what's breaking, though? In theory the WYSIWYG editor should allow you to bold, link, etc...

wolfangel87 Dec 9, 2007

*gives you a skeptical look*

I thought so, I have got you all figured out buddy! 

xXYoruichiXx Dec 8, 2007

I've played the first game and some of the second one. From what I saw of the anime (first 4 episodes) it's a lot like the first game. But there are a few things I noticed that are different from the game, so to me it's different enough to keep me interested for now. ^_^

wolfangel87 Dec 5, 2007

*looks at username and gets scared*

 Are you collecting souls?  You can not take mine, I am up to 13!  ^_^