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I love manga. Fav has to be Angle Santcuary,and Death Note. Fav Yaoi manga is Passion, Art of Loving,Jazz,Yellow, and Wagamama Kitchen. (Yaoi/BL boys/boys if you don't like I feel sry for what you are missing) One more thing I am a girl that grew up on video games. I love all games except horro games like fatal frame Resdent Evil. I get scared easily. But any thing else is ok. I now own an Xbox,PS2, Game Cube, and a Wii. Fav games are Jade Empire, Halo 1,2, all Ledgen of Zeldas,Ico, Shadow Of the Colossus, and theres lot more. I play a few comp games like, The Sims, and City of Heros, Villans. Other then all that i'm a pretty quiet girl, unless I get into a coversation that I find interesting.Peace&Love

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wolf100 Nov 27, 2008

HI , cute pic , so how are you

kenshina Jul 9, 2008


You are right.  Sailor Moon.  It is also my first anime.

It was the best.  When I think of it, it was the greatest!!  I think it still is.

But I found some very good ones other than Sailor moon after. 

=p But I still understand your choice.