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Love anime and always have since i was a kid, favorite genre's in no specific order include Mecha, Ecchi, Romance, Harem, Drama, Episodic, Feudal Japan, Phychological Thriller, Cyberpunk, Action, Adventure, Scifi, Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Slice of life, School Life, Otaku Culture and Fantasy.....I'll watch any anime though.......If you see my list of anime and have any suggestions on anime i havn't watched yet drop me a comment and lemme know, or if you want any suggestions on anime you might like based off of what i have seen......

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Not really picky when it comes to anime, though i'm far from an otaku, i love anime so much that i find it hard for me to be critical on anime i've watched or for me to completely dislike it, i feel if i start watching an anime i need to finish it or else it was just wasted time, even if i completely dislike the ending of an anime, i really opt to enjoy the pro's rather than focusing on the con's. I find that my favorite anime's tend to be one's that are anywhere from 5 to 30 episodes long, for Ex: Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, Black Lagoon, Devil May Cry, Okusama wa Joshikousei, Myself;Yourself, Paranoia Agent, Please Twins, Please Teacher, FLCL AKA Fooly Cooly, B Gata H Kei AKA Yamada's First Time, Suki-tte Li Na Yo AKA Say I Love You, Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun AKA My Little Monster, Etc. I have no problem with fanservice either when it comes to anime, it's actually rather enjoyable in most aspects, the one thing that bugs me with long anime's is FILLERS, i can't stand em, which is why most my favorite anime's are usually shorter than 30 episodes, that and the fact that 10 to 30 episodes is more than enough time to create a great story, and i feel like if it is shorter it makes the anime that much greater because it leaves you craving for more, some people may not like this because then your sitting there and wanting more of an anime that you will most likely never get more of. Can't stand anime that leaves you with an empty feeling once you have finished it, even though most of my favorite anime's have left me with that feeling, i find that this happens in a lot of anime's dealing with romance and controversial subjects like Yosuga No Sora(which i thought was a great anime regardless of the controversial subject matter because they really did a great job on adding genre's like Slice of Life and School life into it), another few anime's that left me with that empty feeling were Koi Kaze(Don't get me wrong this anime i can assure you is not for the weak hearted or for people with weak stomaches, it will leave you with an empty feeling and most people won't even watch it due to the subject matter, i however watched it anyway and i thought it was great due to the twists and turns and the soundtrack is pretty great and i listen to it pretty often, though it is very depressing at some parts), School Days, My Little Monster, Cowboy Bebop, Kite, and FLCL AKA Fooly Cooly. Fooly Cooly really did a number on me as far as empty feelings back in the day when i first watched it on Adult Swim(Cartoon Network after dark), though it wasn't because the ending was really neccesarily sad, it was just WAYYY to short for an anime that i found to completely fucking amazing, there were really a lot of other parts of the story in my opinion that went unfinished and needed a lot more clarification regarding so.

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MeteorJam Apr 12, 2015

While the lists are called "Character I adore" I use it as a "Characters I like" list. So even if the characters are not well-written, if I like their personalities they still go on the list.

And seriously? You didn't even read what I read yet you attempt to counter my response anyway? Except you don't even counter it! You just make ad-hominem arguments. Don't know what that is? Google it.

How can you expect me to take your reply seriously if you didn't even read my reply? Really dude if you wanted me to even listen to you, you could have at least read it. I don't really care if you read it, what annoys me is that you actually replied like you were in the right when you didn't even read what I said.

MeteorJam Mar 25, 2015

Oh man, you have no clue how much I laughed at your post. I am so glad you replied, it gave me one hell of a good laugh.

Ok so first of all, you seemed to take my comment a bit personally, and you don't seem to have realized its purpose. I was intentionally pointing out how flawed your review was, not your general taste. Though I still stand by my opinion that your taste is bad. And don't go replying about opinions. I know all about opinions, in fact I understand them far better than you seem to understand.

Anyway, it's not as simple as Everything is a 10/10! Yupee! If you're going to write a review, you have to look at things critically. You didn't even analyse the sound or the animation at all! You didn't even say what the show was about! The only things you said were: It was good, it is harem and ecchi, and there is gore. Then you repeat things several times, go off on a tangent about english dubs, and start talking about the shows you are watching and plan to watch, which are not relevant to anything! My post was about how your review was crap, not your taste. I didn't check your profile, when I said that you had watched bad shows I was referring to the shows you mentioned in the review, in the part where you start talking about irrelevant shows.

Anyway now that my original post is cleared up, on to your reply.

Whether you were comparing it to Code Geass or not is irrelevant. What matters is this: Both were made in the same year, yet one's animation is superior to the other in every way. So you can't give both a 10/10 because one is much better than the other. Get it? If you're going to write a review at least learn to give proper ratings.

And then you say that you watch mature anime, yet the examples of mature anime that you give are Attack on Titan and Psycho-Pass! They are not mature at all! One is a shounen which does a terrible job as a war drama, and the other has nothing deep about it, along with all the other anme you posted. You don't even understand what a mature anime is! The most mature of the anime you watched according to your actual list is Welcome to the NHK, and you don't even give it as an example of a mature anime! Clearly you have no clue what a mature anime is! Being ecchi, or being a seinen, or having gore has nothing to do with maturity. Mature anime are anime that are well written with deep-stories, and that you have to have more experience (hence the maturity part of it) in order to understand them well.  

"if you are comparing a mecha anime like code geass to an anime like school days then that really shows the lack of knowledge you have on anime" this made me laugh so much, you have no clue. I compared them because I was talking about their animation! If they are made in the same year, and both are a 10, they must be of very similar quality. But they are not! One is crap, the other is great! Yet you give school days a 10 in animation! Yet another indication of how clueless you are when it comes to reviewing.

"i think your basing your opinions on them based on the subject matter" your diction is aboslutely horrendous, which makes anything you say extremely hard to understand, but what I think you mean by this is that I judge anime because they are ecchi, or about sex, or something along those lines. This is actually not true at all. I said School Days was bad because it is bad, not because it is ecchi. In fact I'll tell you something, I 100% completed the original School Days VN, which has 20x more ecchi scenes than the anime. And I actually liked it. Yet when you read the VN, and look at the anime, you can see just how much potential was lost in the anime. There is so much lost potential, the anime is an atrocity compared to the VN. I know how good School Days can be, and the anime does a horrible job at it. I'm not saying the anime is crap because it does not play out like the VN, I'm saying it is crap because it is crap. If you want a good example of School Days done well, go read the VN.

Then your second post. Oh god this was even worse. You start by saying my taste does not cover a wide variety of anime, despite how I have watched twice as much as you have, and more genres than you have! I don't care what genres you watch. You wrote the same thing in your review. You seem to think that stating the genres you watch gives you authority or experience. It really doesn't matter if your review is crap.

"i'm older than you by a couple years and maybe i'm more mature an that's why i can enjoy these anime's" oh how i laughed at this. First of all no you are not mature than I am as can be clearly shown by your terrible diction and grammar. Second your age means nothing since I have twice as much anime experience as you have. Third, you don't even know what a mature anime is as can be seen above.

"i also looked at your ratings on anime and you seem very hard to please when it comes to enjoying an anime" See pal, this is the difference between you and me. I know how to rate anime. You don't. You give half of your anime a 5/5 ffs. A 5/5 is a masterpiece! Yet somehow, of the 60 anime you watched, half of them are masterpieces. Brilliant. You don't understand that things are to be looked at critically, as can be seen where you say "hard to please when enjoying anime". My enjoyment has nothing to do with the rating, because how good an anime is and how much I enjoyed something are very different things. A good anime must have a well-written story, and well-written characters. An anime doesn't need that in order for me to enjoy it. But when you rate things, and even more important, when you review an anime, it must be scored by looking at it in a critical manner, not based on your enjoyment.

"you judged all the anime like you know a lot about the genre but i don't think you have watched enough of the genre's from any of the anime's that i said i enjoyed that you judged so it would be hard for you to know what a bad anime is and a good one if you aren't expierienced enough on the genre" Oh, and you are experienced in these genres you mentioned huh? Well let's see; You watched 60 anime and mentioned 21 genres. This basically means that you watched 3 anime per genre that you mentioned. Sorry, but that has no justification. You are not experienced in a genre from watching 3 shows. I am more experienced than you in these genres because I have watched more anime, and have not been watched pointless things that you consider genres that aren't even genres, like episodic and feudal japan. So I have watched more anime per genre than you have. So don't say I haven't watched enough of a genre to say anything about it because you have watched a lot less, and you even tried to write a full review on it.

"you don't enjoy fanservice which is probably why you won't enjoy any of the anime i like, fanservice is neccesary in some anime to attract the watcher" This made me laugh more than anything else. Shows... need... fanservice? Bahahahahahaha you're fucking hilarious dude! Do you even know what fanservice is? School Days for instance has no fanservice. It has ecchi and important scenes, but those are all necessary for the story. Fanservice is something not necessary for the story, that is just there to make the fans happy. And guess what that does? It makes the story worse! No matter what you say, fanservice is not necessary to any story, no matter what you think.

And there ends my in depth analysis of your moronic reply with terrible grammar and diction. Please learn english before you make your next reply. And how to structure sentences and paragraphs. I'm sure your reply will be cancer anyway, so at least learn to structure a sentence before even thinking of making a reply. That is if you somehow think you can still counter it, which I hope you don't since you'll be completely dissected and annihilated again.