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Hello! i just opened my account on august of 09'! i really like watching anime: Full Metal Panic! (all seasons-fumoffu too!) Inuyasha, Inukami! (i really recommend), maburaho (alright, but no like the endin') Rurouni Kenshin, Dragon Ball/Z, oh! my goddess, Zoids, Gundam Wing, Shakugan no Shana, Zero no tsukaima, Kaze no Stigma, Deathnote, Bleach, blood, and...thats as much i can think of on top of my head, but there is definetly more than that! I love Romantic/comedy/action anime! but i much prefer anime with a strong story, great english dubbing, and STAYS TRUE TO THE STORY (mangas and light novels) !!

but i used to watch a MAJORITY of my videos on IMEEM from -  catatonicloki -  which i think he was the best person alive for putting high quality, English dubbed, and Great anime! but then imeem became selfish and deleted mostly all the anime on there! it was a cold cold week of trying to find a website other that youtube (hate looking for "parts" and quality with dubs)

anyways i train in martial arts in different styles, but traditionally! i am very good. but i think anime gave me my inspiration and "drive". sadly, i have used martial arts. but both M.A. and anime has a lot of "meanings" and gives you many points of views about how you should "live". i think thats why i love it also because i like to dream a lot! (a cancer lol) so anime is my escape to paradise.

but i am an adult!! :(... sadly just `18" but i give a @#$# i love anime and i don't care what the "american society" sets as "wat normal *real* adults do" but hey im not a nfl, ufc, nba guy. so everyone has there ammusement in media and mine is good old anime that gives you an empty feeling when it ends :(...........

but hey high school life ended, but college starts on aug. 20! same with animed! It ends but you will will find another ,love, not to/ or TO replace it. but all that matters is you find a hapiness! :)


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