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I approach Japanese culture from a more critical and analytic standpoint. I do not blindly follow every aspect of modern Japanese popular culture, however, I enjoy the best things Japan can offer - high quality graphic animation, uber-awesome technology and kinky sex culture.

From my prentetious attempts of impressing you I assume that now you know that I am currently finishing my 3-rd year of BA, planning to study in the UK or Netherlands in the future. One might say that I am a sociable person, however I have few close friends, and I am in a long term relationship. Nevertheless I do not feel left out of any company, though most of the time I keep a somewhat arrogant and elitist attitude towards some people who are not "in" on things.

Anime isn't my only passtime - I also play videogames since the age of 7, watch TV since the age of 3 (yeah, really. when I was 4 I could read the TV guide just to see when are Transformers on), and try to pretend that I play guitar though I havent played it since the end of middle school. I listen to punk rock and hardocre punk most of the time, and enjoy some japanese bands as well.

I also live in the Internet.

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