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Name: Joe

Cons attended: AX ALL yes every one

Cosplayed as: i will try to make a list this week it's a big list

Group cosplays to do: thinking hellsing might go good for 2010 and yes i have the ticket

Dances to Learn: Hare Hare Yukai,  Caramelldansen full, Kurutto Odotte, Love & Joy

Dances Known: Nyan Nyan Dance, Leek Spin

Interests: Music, Anime, Manga, Video Games Etc.

Fav. Bands: Linkin Park, Evanescence,  Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, etc.

Fav. Energy Drink: Monster

Fav. Drink: Root Beer

Fav. Food: Italian

Fav. Cosplays:Maids, Bunny/Fox/Wolf/Cat/School girls, Gothic Lolita big fav

School Major: Animation now (have a masters / high training /2 BA in computers and spec in FIPS Level Certification, Software Engineering, DBA, Network/Application Security Management. as well as chip/ic design) (dig all you like 2nd youngest grad with honors from M.I.T.)

Speak:English(not so good yes native language), Japanese, koren, Mandarin Chinese (so so not that good but some),

German (my best thats where my family is from before WII), and a tad bit of Hindi have friends from india


life story

from longbeach CA, at age 6 moved to japan stayed tell i was 13 moved back then skiped 3years in school (sweet)

at 16 i started living on my own as a programer been all over living about 3 months in each place allways comming back for AX and Tokyo International Anime Fair ever since i was 16i know most of the writer's of the big time anime from naruto to S-Cry-Ed i have had a tiny part to do with the way naruto has gone (unknowingly) and have numbers for most of them have spent time this past week 9/6/09 showing Asuka, Rinappe, Pickey and Keikeru(if you know anything you can guess) around california the bad and good it had been sometime since they just droped in to see me

Ri loves my car lol (2010 GT-R) and Asuka was so mad when i let her drive lawl

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431 total

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1fatal1ty Oct 7, 2009

and all the anime i have set i have on my server (i have most the dvd's to but server is easer with mediaportal and my 135" 1080p projector)

if your short any screen shots or char info please ask i have just redone my computers and my network and have more free time

i can screen cap anything on my list if it in it i have it i never del unless i replace it with HD softsub 85% is in 720P or higher

1fatal1ty Oct 7, 2009

i have pull that request and updated as you have filled it all in lol

sothis Sep 11, 2009

Hi there,

What I'd first suggest is telling me the names of the series, without any info... because it's possible that we have the info already or haven't put it up, etc.

Also, if you plan on writing synopses for all of the anime, I suggest writing one and then showing it to me so I can give feedback. ^_^ Most people don't get it right the first time, so that way we could work on it together before you write them for all of the anime.

For the screenshots, if you decide to send them, make sure you have the following things for each series:

  • At least one scenery shot (something with no characters in it)
  • No subtitles, intro/outro or commercial break shots
  • A variety of shots from a few episodes (not just the same 2 episodes out of 26, for example), and not all of one type (for example not all close up face shots ^_^)
  • No spoilers
  • You don't need to crop the screens
  • If you can, change the file name of one or two of them that you think represent the series well with 'main' (these are the ones i will crop down to a square size)
  • Take around 20-30 shots ^_^

Sounds like a lot of steps but it's easy once you understand those points ^^ just please rar or zip each set of screenshots individually if you put them all in one big zip (or put the screens in folders in the zip) so I can easily drag them over to photoshop.

Thanks! ^_^ ^_^

1fatal1ty Sep 10, 2009

fyi i know Asuka for like ever she is like a sister so don't think in a wrong way

1fatal1ty Sep 10, 2009

working a a big list to have added this weekend i hope. then all the stuff i have seen will be in list