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Hey there members whats up. i am kinda bored right now so if you have any anime or anything like that, that i might like then just comment me and who knows maybe i will like it.

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wolfangel87 Jan 8, 2008

Unfortuently I did not but now that I am good and recovered I should be able to start watching a bit!  ^_^

wolfangel87 Jan 5, 2008

Oh boy did I have fun!  One big night of parties!  Awww, it was great!

wolfangel87 Jan 4, 2008

hmmmm new anime starting?  I will have to look into that, I am trying to focus more on watching anime that has already been out for a while, I will have to see what is now up and coming!  hehe!

So how did your New Years go?

1010rikku Jan 3, 2008

I love dark avatars! Yours looks pretty evil and spooky too! LOVE IT!

Very impressive anime list, I'll make sure to hit you up when I need something to watch!!

Compaqmac321 Dec 26, 2007

hmmm yea thas wassup... well ive been drawn to martial arts and shonen anime....but like u said if i read a good review on it and its got good qualities ill watch any anime...i jst finished kenichi and im bout to start the major seasons and slam dunk....i lil later in january imma watch sum horror ones.