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Let me tell yall about Accel World


Friggin good. I don't mean the plain ol "good" either. I mean Accel World is really...reaaaaally....REAAAAAAAAAALLY GOOOD! First I've had such a strong emotional connection to an anime in a long while. Nice to know there are still some authors out there who can pull that feat off. Come the newest episode (5) I just had the urge to talk about how good Accel World is. Suffice it to say that the way they tie you into the show is through the characters and shear awesomness of the fights. There have only been two. Really the first one is all it takes but the second makes it obvious that the show is really good. Managed to make me root for the main character and say things like "Oh no" out loud without even realizing it. Fantastic show, really hope it stretches for at the very least 20 or so episodes, 11 would be cutting it too short for me and I wouldn't mind watching this show ever friday. I'd enjoy it immenseley. Inb4 Best Anime of 2012 right here.

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Marceus avatar Marceus
May 4, 2012

I don't typically care much for Shounen anime anymore, but I'm really enjoying this series so far, as well as the manga.

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