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okay so some of you like to know what people race are (including me) so im gonna tell you my race. my race is Asian...okay so im Chinese Khmer(cambodian,most people are like what the hell is Cambodia)remember Angelina Jolie? yeah,she adopted a cambodian kid, so yeah. Now that you know i guess i might as give you more facts about me lol. I play clarinet. i like to play MMORPG games sometimes. Currently playing Ether Saga and Jade Dynasty. Some of you might be thinking oh she's a dork or she has no life or something.Well if you are thinking that F*** You. Sorry if i offend you i really and a nice person once you get to know me. I really don't like cursing, but its just the ways things are. lol. By the way I'm super sensitive. Oh yeah I live in the hood. LMAO! If i offend you in any way, it's because on my dad side (I guess im more on my dad's side I look like him the most)that side is the funniest side in the family and the kinda wrong side cause we all watch family guy even our 8 year old cousin! Also we kinda look alike in a way lol. Just so you don't get the wrong idea i'll list what I look like so i dont like being called ugly when I am actually pretty and more mature for my age (I'm actually 12, well soon to be twelve next year in February)

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