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my name is Stefan, 18 years old and I live in Stuttgart, Germany. I'm definitely not an anime addict. Don't watch animes because »HURR ANIME« or because of Japan. I just like the style and the extraordinary stories.
Besides watching animes I like to do BMXing, most times Dirt and Race. And I like to do Parkour. Other hobbies: Playing bass and guitar, attend concerts, listen to music and drinking Monster Energy.
Music: Well, I might not be an anime addict but I'm definitely a music addict. My favourite genres are Hardcore, Metalcore, Melodic Death Metal and Punk Rock. As I said before, I go to concerts every time I'm able to. Expensive hobby, but well, it's fun.
And my fav anime genres: horror, post-apocalyptical settings, action, mystic stuff and some splatter, hehe.

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