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So if you're reading this i suggest that you be willing to waste your time because that's what you're doing. OK I warned you...lol... My name is Amanda. I am a sophomore at the University of Minnesota. My major as of now is still undecided. I love to laugh! I am comfortable staying at home and reading a book or going out and partying all night long. I get along with almost everybody and love to try new things! I want to travel the world! I love my family (parents, 2 bros, and 1 sis) even if they drive me insane 99.9% of the time. Not much to tell really, I'm really easy to talk to so drop me a line sometime if you wanna chat about anything or everything! I like making new friends!!! So like I said...total waste of time. ;) Hugs and Chocolate Kisses! ~Amanda~

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kishen796 Aug 31, 2013

hi..can u tell me a website 2 download eyehield 21 anime... thank u

Lazielulu May 14, 2013

Hi. I was wondering if you could tell me the website where you watched Harukanaru Toki no Naka de ~Hachiyou Shou~ because I'm having a hard time finding a website and I saw that you were one of the people that had watched it. Was just wondering if you could help me out? Thankyou!

toxshock Oct 31, 2008

Thanx Amanda, just wasted my time and read your bio (haha) and found some new anime to watch. Just hoping they are good, though most of your list is very similar to mine and your ratings too, so I may have found a treasure trove. So from one Amanda to another, good reading about you....Amanda (Tox)

alfopaco87 Dec 24, 2007

Hi there..... just stop by to say HELLO.......  I like ur avatar specialy bc of that Sakura Tree...... I love them well stop by and say hi some time later.....

Silvaire Nov 28, 2007

Hello! ^^ I'm just a random person. =D

Buuuut, I'm also new so I'm like... Trying to chat. o.o; So sorry if I'm the weird person that randomly greets ya! xD

And your bio is not a waste of time. :0  My siblings drive me up the wall too (And I only have one, I can't imagine how it is for you.) so yeah. ><;

 Eeek, chocolate. D: