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Boring person, that has an ability to screw with its own life and future, that dreams to live in Canada permanently.

Have a liking on ballad songs, that i have most on my so dearly iPod, that I carry around 24/7. Vocaloid, anime songs, games OST and doujin music is what I love most

Not so interested in being able to interact with BR anymore, but anyway, that is how life is to me.

Thanks to twitter, I am able now to talk a lot in English. I can switch to Portuguese, but it is more difficult now.

Have a liking on romance + drama anime, dislikes the only-fanservice oriented anime....

That is me, in a nutshell, by a vision of the my own self.

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kibo Jan 24, 2012

Hehe, that's okay.. I'll just watch peoples anime lists >_<

kibo Jan 14, 2012

Hehe I found out that I need more than 3 friends.. since I really need tips of what to watch and stuff.

Lucinda May 31, 2011

Yeah I've just finished uni for the holidays so have a lot of free time :/ Well I've only watched the 2 films mentioned on my profile, and Spirited Away is awesome :)

Lucinda May 31, 2011

Thanks, :) Well the thing is I've only seen a few anime movies so I thought I'd see if there were anymore I'd enjoy if that makes sense.

Erm yeah kind of :/

Lucinda May 31, 2011


No problem, just new on this site and anime in general :)