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Near the End of Spring Anime

30 MAY

My list of anime I decided to stick with are as follows: 

kids on the slope 
tasogare otome x amnesia 

     I'm not at all impressed thus far, though the originallity is there more so than last season's line up. Sankarea, for an example, is about a boy who is only attracted to females who has a serious case of death. Dusk Maiden Amnesia is a ghost mystery with the ghost as part of the mystery crew, rather than an antagonist. 

    Anime shows like Hyouka and Kids On The Slope are brilliantly animated. Hyouka depends on a more glamours and colorful enviroment, rendered with 3d effects and detailed backdrops. KOTS is more of an older style of animation but is so detailed and is so fluid that if you watch the hand movements closely yo ucan see how accurate the animations are executed. The disadvantages of these two shows, however, is the story. Hyouka has a bit of mystery under a slice of life plot, but it's very lagging. KOTS is a bit more upbeat but really doesn't have much going for it other than romance. 

     Zetman is probably my least favorite show. It has qualities similiar to Gantz, which I don't have any personal interest in. The action isn't quite there, and the story isn't sticking well to the mystery the show is trying to create. I'm likely to drop this show. If you like Gantz then I'd recommend it. 

     Jormungand is descent show as far as personal interest goes. The animations is a similar style as Black Lagoon. Not much to say except that the gun fights are realistic rather than for show. I'm four episodes in, and I have yet to see a real plot. 

     Now for the weirdest show I've seen in a while. Tsuritama, it seems, is mostly about these kids coming together to fish. The colors used for the show is very flamboyant. Like, It is so out there wild. I only watch it's unique presentation, but I do hope the story picks up.


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