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Chrome Shelled Regios

21 JAN

Chrome Shelled Regios fulfilled all my expectations and more. This series provided a mysterious plot that grabs the viewer and throws in careful character development. The progression of the story was great, because I did not feel at any point something was moving too slow. As in any good anime, some characters forces you to hate them and other forces you to love them. The protagonist, Layfon, is a humble but very relatable character, and the supporting cast comes in all varieties. There is a lot of action but the fighting does not grow stale from overuse because the writers only use them to develop the plot. The is some romance but to be more specific it's more of multiple crushes from the females on Layforn that rarely get returned (watered-down harem).

Can't wait for more!    

Spoiler: the cutscence from the black and white movie relates to the real world. This series makes you think a little.

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User Review Scores

  • Story 8/10
  • Animation 9/10
  • Sound 8/10
  • Characters 8/10
  • Overall 8/10


roriconfan avatar roriconfan
Apr 28, 2012

Meh, it was quite the passable show. Didn't do much with its material.

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