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Hello! You can call me Evar. I use female pronouns, I'm a panromantic-demisexual and my boyfriend is a dragon. He goes rawrawrawr a lot.  Ayo...

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Hello and welcome to AP! Do enjoy your time here! 

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hi .i love the number 13 .I like imagining what life was like hundreds of years ago. I...

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8/10 - by: Vejhed

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Banashimonogatari, the one month viewing time and more bullshit


Woo, I typed something Japanese. If I presented this to a Japanese person, he'd probably scold me, but meh. Banashimonogatari's direct translation wou... read more

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A.M.G. Today - 'Opening Thoughts' Edition

12 JAN

I read 10 chapters of Mahou Sensei Negima! - Chapter 172 ~ 182 - Anya... I watched 3 episodes of GetBackers - Episode 16 ~ 19 - Lil' Ginji... Ryoujo... read more

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