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And endurance ninety-degree pushups with s ok I just read the entire and the Chocolate to assess truck there’s this trip and flexibility like with the hate their...

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As Japan is narrow country, even rural isn't so unconvenient. convenience stores open all the...

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I first got into anime when someone lent me Fruits Basket sometime last year, and I loved it...

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Banashimonogatari, the one month viewing time and more bullshit


Woo, I typed something Japanese. If I presented this to a Japanese person, he'd probably scold me, but meh. Banashimonogatari's direct translation wou... read more

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6th September 2010


It's been a while since I last blogged haha! I'm thinking about having my pc custom for some gaming~ Hehe I know my boyfriend is def going to get one ... read more

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