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Whateverbarry's it is that you choose whatever improve it is like no other right back take a nap freezer whenever you feel like you need a snack you need some frozen yogurt...

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My trip was already finished, but thank you. :) It was only 2 weeks, but it was the 1st amazing...

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(Picture is from Legend of Zelda-video game franchise-) My Deviant...

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8/10 - by: Vejhed

Elfen Lied

8/10 - by: RoyalOss

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Banashimonogatari, the one month viewing time and more bullshit


Woo, I typed something Japanese. If I presented this to a Japanese person, he'd probably scold me, but meh. Banashimonogatari's direct translation wou... read more

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Top 8 Weapons

12 MAR

1. Death Note (Light YAGAMI, Misa AMANE, Teru MIKAMI) 2. Senbonzakura (Byakuya KUCHIKI) 3. Hyourinmaru (Toushiro HITSUGAYA) 4. Kazeshini (Shu... read more

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