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Hello everyone! I am Hazel, nice to meet you! I love Anime, Manga, and Korean drama and of course Yaoi and doujinshi and fanfictions. The list can go on! You can just call...

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As of right now, my favorite anime is Haikyuu!!. Which is probably evident by my icon and crappy...

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Just a finnish guy who LOVES anime ^^

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Banashimonogatari, the one month viewing time and more bullshit


Woo, I typed something Japanese. If I presented this to a Japanese person, he'd probably scold me, but meh. Banashimonogatari's direct translation wou... read more

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Sponge Bob Death Note Parody

24 MAR

Should be very funny for any Death Note fan:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MR6q8BegBoE&feature=player_embedded#... read more

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