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Hello fellow anime fan's, MangaMan here!  I have a review show on Blip.tv and Youtube.com (though my blip.tv one would be the first one you'd want to check out first)...

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Well you're still young lol hopefully you won't come across any. See I can't ignore people like...

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Pomf =3 Pomf =3 Pomf =3 Pomf =3 Pomf =3

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Mahouka Ep 2: The Student Council

23 APR

Due to Tatsuya's quick thinking he manages to avoid receiving any punishment from the Disciplinary Committee but he has made a new enemy out of Shun M... read more

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18 APR

Hi. Today is a very beautiful, is not it? Unfortunately, not for me. This day is for me one of the most sad. It started with 00 hours when ... read more

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