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I grew this fatty deposit and on my forearm and arm then I didn't have that the pain anymore but I have a slob there which I knew was a budget toxins so that actually...

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Hello and welcome to a-p!

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Haaai desuyo! Bio...as in, about myself? *sigh* Well, I'm just another anime maniac :P I like...

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Banashimonogatari, the one month viewing time and more bullshit


Woo, I typed something Japanese. If I presented this to a Japanese person, he'd probably scold me, but meh. Banashimonogatari's direct translation wou... read more

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I watched Senki Zesshou Symphogear Episode 1 Rinne no Lagrange Episode 1 I played 2 hours of Hearts of Iron II I watched Nisemonogatari Episode 1 ... read more

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