Recruitment Drive - Become the Voice of Anime-Planet

Ever read Anime-Planet's reviews and thought 'Wow, that's fantastic. But hey, I could do that!'

Are you passionate about writing?

Would you like to show it off?

Maybe you didn't know, but Anime-Planet's high quality reviews are written by a handful of appointed writers, and we're always looking for more people to become the voice of Anime-Planet.

What are site reviewers and what's it like being one?

Well, a site reviewer is someone with exclusive rights to post reviews on the main website and thus represent Anime-Planet's stance on any given anime. We're a small, laid back team who come from all walks of life. The team comprises some Americans, a couple of Brits, and one Irishman, but we all share a love for writing and actually have years of experience in fiction and/or poetry. As such, each of us has different tastes in anime and different opinions that occasionally clash. On the other hand, we pride ourselves on being open-minded, respecting views different to our own, and appreciating frank, constructive critique whenever it's given in good spirit. There are just two strict rules which govern our site reviewer status, and we break them upon pain of death:

  1. We can review absolutely any anime we want, whenever we want
  2. We have to write at least one review a year

It's a tough life, I know! But if you think you can manage that then read on for application details.

How do I apply?

Applicants should submit two reviews in the site format (i.e. with sections labelled Story, Animation, Sound, Characters, Overall) and post them in the Recruitment Drive thread, stating at the beginning of the post which two anime are being reviewed and their overall rating.

Please avoid reviewing your favorite anime, if possible. We're not overly concerned with your particular stance on a show; rather, we want to see how you analyse the strengths and weaknesses of anime you consider average and how you rate them accordingly.

Excellent spelling, grammar, and punctuation are a must. While we'll primarily be looking for an entertaining style and informative analysis, if technical errors make your review awkward to read, you will not be selected. At least you should know what a comma is for and where capital letters belong.

What's in it for me?

Anime-Planet's reviews are heavily read and have a strong reputation of being high quality. By becoming an official site reviewer, you'll be directly influencing thousands of readers choose what to watch - or what to avoid. While site reviewers are unpaid, the notoriety you'll acquire and influence you'll have is a great reward on its own! ^_^


  • Proof read your review before posting, checking for spelling, grammar, punctuation
  • In your review, do not just describe what happens - give us your views on whether the anime performs well or not and why
  • Read existing site reviews to familiarize yourself with the Anime-Planet standard (it's a high one, but far from impossible to meet)
  • Read our Site Reviewer Applicant Guidelines on how to avoid common mistakes

I have questions, what now?

If you have any further questions, you can contact vivafruit; he's running the recruitment drive and is happy to answer any additional questions you might have.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!