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Now and Then, Here and There Review

by: Ultima
November 23, 2004

story 9/10

Now and Then, Here and There screenshot The story is the best part of the series. However, it is important to know that NTHT's plot develops slowly at first. So if you don't like lots of dialogue and want more action, this anime probably would not be a good watch. NTHT's strength lies in its ability to stir emotions through great plot and character development. The beginning episodes focus on laying out the story, characters, and setting. In the middle of the plot, expect a bit of dialogue because it is slowly building up momentum to the series great climax. The ending has its own twists and turns, and it will keep you on the edge of your chair until the very end.

animation 7/10

The animation of Now and Then, Here and There (NTHT) is a bit plain. There aren't any special CGI effects or anything remotely spectacular. However, it has nice crisp, clear flowing animation that is pleasing to the eyes. The animation style is quite well done for its time. Characters do not have big glassy eyes, but rather normal circular ones with a little depth. Though work was put into creating distinctive animated characters, it was just enough to make them appealing. The opening sequence is quite plain and serves more of an opening credits introducing the characters. The ending sequence is beautiful, soft-hearted and shows nice background scenes.

sound 6/10

In my opinion, this is the one area that NTHT was most deficient. The only memorable songs were the opening and closing theme "Komoriuta". Although the opening theme was filled with warmth, it didn't quite fit the overall feeling of NTHT. However, the closing theme perfectly fits the dramatic, melancholy tone of the series. Background music was good enough to express the current situation, but it didn't quite invoke major mood changes or memorability. Moreover, voice acting for all the characters was well done. It is clear that the seiyuu tried their best to express as much emotion as possible into every character.

characters 8/10

The characters in NTHT are quite memorable. The creator carefully devised good distinctive characters with different personalities that allow you to easily associate with them. Shu is a typical Japanese boy that is forced to face the hardships of a new desert world. He always looks forward to the future and tries not comfort others the best he can in their times of need. Although Lala-Ru plays an important role in the story, she serves more as a passive character. She doesn't speak much, but she is more important than she appears. In contrast, Sara's character is quite memorable and maybe the character with the most character development. Like Shu, she was forcibly taken into the desert world. Of all the characters in the series, I believe that she is the most memorable. Her personality throughout the duration of the series changes significantly. As mentioned before, this anime is a drama, so expect more dialogue than explosive action scenes. The distinctiveness of each character is what makes NTHT unique and special.

overall 7.8/10

If you love to have your emotions stirred up, NTHT is a must see. The ending is not a let down, and it actually comes full circle. However, if you like action/fighting/mecha anime, you would probably become bored with the dialogue and the lack of fighting and action scenes.

I really loved this anime. It has a special flare like Crest of the Stars (Seikai no Monshou). When you first watch the anime, you probably will be thinking, "Well this isn't really exciting." But this anime definitely has a natural charm, always leaving you with the feeling to see the next episode. And before you know it, you become sucked into the characters and plot, and you'll just want to see it to the end. NTHT is a definite must see for drama anime watchers.

Anime Info

Amidst a beautiful sunset, Shu is violently whisked away to a grim future devoid of water, and empty of hope; a place where children are forced to become soldiers, and kill countless others in the name of King Hamdo. Shu's companion is a mysterious girl named La La Ru, who may hold the key to survival. Now, he must concentrate on the only things that matter: escaping Hellywood, and finding a way home.

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default avatar LupinIII
Mar 21, 2011

This is such a great anime! I agree that the music wasn't great though. And I'd have to say that Crispin Freeman is not sounding good in this. Whether this was just poor casting or what have you or maybe he had some off sessions, I just feel his work was weak here.

The animation does what it needs to do as well and it is the characters and actors who carry the story. It is rare to find anything that carries with it such emotions as NTHT. The viewer just gets sucked in by the depth and breadth of this epic. It is hard to believe that this was only 13 episodes long. It achieves a level of connection with the viewer that one is hard pressed to find anywhere else. One scene in particular almost always causes my eyes to water when I think about it and I'm not ashamed to say that when I watched it I cried. (The one with Shu and Sara in the cave, if you want to know.)

People talk about how great Evangelion is. They should be talking about NTHT instead.

PotatoDono avatar PotatoDono
Mar 8, 2011

I love this anime! It is the best, story wise, anime I have ever seen. One of the few series that has proper story structure throughout. I tried showing it to my anime club, they couldn't get into it, not enough action, Philistines. I agree that it isn't action oriented, but that is a good thing, it has a depth that DBZ or Gundam will never achieve. Not that NTHT never gets violent, there is one scene where a guy gets beaten to death with a rifle butt. Although when it does get violent it carries more weight, which is a good thing for an anime that focuses a lot on war.

HarryNRubin avatar HarryNRubin
Jun 14, 2010

Just finished this anime.  It was fantastic.  There was something about the animation that gave it a certain charm.  It was not too flashy, yet was able to support the story.  It reminded me a little of Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind and other Studio Ghibli films.  As you said, it is definatly a must for people who watch anime for the story and not the action.

MaatiSan avatar MaatiSan
Aug 27, 2009

This is one of my top animes of all time, although the first ep fight with the robot is too unrealistic, once you get by that though everything is great.

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