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Meguriau Sekai Review

by: Sheex
June 14, 2010

story 2/10

Meguriau Sekai screenshot

Chair! Plant! Telephone pole, shoe, chalkboard! By your randomness combined, I am Meguriau Sekai!

Before you get any ideas, Meguriau Sekai isn’t some spastic comedy anime – it’s a Shinkai-inspired romance. I think. Actually, I have no idea what the hell it is; I just know that for fifteen minutes there were a bunch of unrelated pictures all over my screen, and that some girl was talking about some boy and the sky. Oh, and when she mentioned the sky there were pictures of clouds. Sometimes with birds, too! And airplanes. I like airplanes.  

I guess somewhere in all the clutter of railroad crossings and windmills a romance story was supposed to exist, but it’s really hard to tell. The boy seemed to randomly obtain and lose his eyes from scene to scene, but when they were shown present all he did was stare at a nearby stationary structure – usually a wall or some other magnanimously boring fixed object. He certainly never looked at her, which is perhaps why she randomly started crying somewhere around the halfway point. Not that I blame him, of course, since I’d find such things entertaining too if all my girlfriend did was talk about “the other side of the sky.” Or maybe she was crying that they broke up due to her creepy obsession with both him and strange metaphors. I suppose nobody will ever know, since all the narration that followed was accompanied by distracting pictures of clocks and dandelions. Oh well, they were a horrible couple anyway.

animation 3/10

Wait, what animation?  I didn’t know sequenced pictures of houses and books and trees and plastic bags counted as animation.

But hey, at least the folks responsible for the visuals were smart enough to realize that linking together related still frames can simulate motion! I do believe, at certain times, they managed to have a character wave a hand or something by looping five frames for a quarter of a minute. Technological progress at its peak, I tell you. I wonder where we’ll be in 20 years.

sound 2.5/10

Did you know music and speaking can’t coincide? I wish country music would get the memo, too.  

All in all, my only complaint is that the random pictures were not accompanied by random sounds. How awesome would it have been to have racecar noises playing while showing an out-of-the-blue image of a ceiling tile?

characters 2/10

“I am so lonely and afraid, but I believe in the world! I will become strong so I don’t hate the world. I want to love the world!”

IS THAT YOU, SHINJI? Why are you narrating Meguriau Sekai, and why is the dialogue that bad?

overall 2/10

Dear Lord. Now I know what it’d be like if Beyond the Clouds, Evangelion, and Kimi ga Nozomu Eien had a love affair and made a bastard child.

Anime Info

  • Web (1 ep x 15 min)
  • 2009

Looking back on her childhood, a girl reminisces about her first love. She recalls the many different facets of their relationship, from the joy of walking home together to the pain of school splitting them apart. As all the pieces of her story come together, she discusses love gained, love lost, and how one boy defined her life for years to come.

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Though I'm a big fan of slice of life and romance, I'll watch just about anything that catches my interest. My opinions tend to be pretty level-headed, but I have been known to be controversial from time to time! Feel free to lay into me if you so desire, as I always appreciate feedback - positive or negative. I hope you enjoy reading!

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Annalyn avatar Annalyn
Dec 26, 2010

My word. I just watched it. I figured, if Meguriau Sekai was as bad as you say, it could be humorous to watch. And, hey, I'd only be wasting fifteen minutes.

It really was that bad. Wow. I'm going to do my own review and see if I can add the numbers up to two whole points.

I enjoyed the review, Sheex. Much more entertaining than the actual anime.

LinkSword avatar LinkSword
Nov 18, 2010

I think some sceneries were gorgeous. That image inside the train is a good example.

Other than that, yeah, it was a rather shallow watch. I wouldn't say I hated it though.

DeathCrunch avatar DeathCrunch
Jun 23, 2010

The music was actually pretty good. A nice piano song and a Miku song towards the end. hearing a Vocaloid brought me back into the real world.

Maybe there was one in the middle but I swear to god I was hypnotised. It was like being in a deep sleep for 15 minutes, only my eyes were open and taking in unrelated pictures and noises while someone droned on in some sort of love speech.

it was a surreal experience. The story is genuinely crap but I would recommend it to insomniacs. Not because it makes you sleep but induced a similar trance like state...

babyeinstein12 avatar babyeinstein12
Jun 15, 2010


ooh. I could feel the acid burning through my computer screen while I was reading this. You've actually gotten me more curious to watch it now ;)

Sheex avatar Sheex
Jun 14, 2010

@Kira: You're most welcome! Aren't airplanes just the best?

@Xplayer: I hope you've learned to trust my judgment now! As for finding it, generally when I come back to the anime scene after a long hiatus I sift through the titles of stuff released in the interim. If something (ususally the name) piques my interest, I look at the genres and will watch it if it sounds promising. That's what happened here, and I went into it without a clue of what I was getting myself into. Poor me. :(

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