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Sleeping with Hinako Review

April 22, 2010

story 1/10

Sleeping with Hinako screenshot

There is something humankind has never been successful with: Sequels. They are always terrible. Who can forget the adrenaline pumping Speed 2, the testosterone fuelled 2 Fast 2 Furious or the epic fail that is the Kanokon OVA? Despite the rare occasions where the follow-up formula does actually work, I had very little hope that Sleeping with Hinako would fare quite so successfully as Toy Story 2; it just sounds so bland.

And guess what? It is. To be honest, you get everything that is on the tin: Hinako sleeping, but it is actually very dull. Where Training with Hinako was fun, and at a push, had some practical uses, Sleeping with Hinako is an utterly boring and pathetic way of trying to milk some more cash from the top-heavy cow. Opening with the familiar faced cutie, it seems another day of strenuous exercise has completely drained our idol, and she is ready to sleep. But today, she wants to share her bed with the viewer and let them experience a night watching her scantily-clad, buxom body as she visits the land of nod.

Firstly, avert your eyes as Hinako coyly strips off layer after layer. Then follow her to the bathroom as she works her toothbrush to fill her mouth with creamy white toothpaste, as oral hygiene is extremely important. Once the seductive minx is ready to sleep, she tugs a thin sheet over her shapely body and gets ready to settle down for the night. And it is at this point that the dirty otaku amongst you will be rubbing their hands together in glee; the thought of Hinako at her most vulnerable as she breathes deeply, gently tossing and turning will definitely have the most voyeuristic of fans reaching for the tissue box.

Unfortunately, there is a huge disappointment on the way for these people, as Hinako actually spends less than half of the show asleep. Well, how about the initial promise that this would be a great way to help insomniacs with their problem? Even this is pretty much forgotten, as Hinako irritating giggles as she hides her face shyly beneath the sheets, or mumbling as she staggers to the kitchen to sleep-eat are more than enough to make a person spend the evening desperately searching for the remote just to make her stop...

animation 7.5/10

Using the same animated standards as Training with Hinako, the lines (or more specifically, curves) are clean and fresh looking. Gravity is a little hit and miss, as the star still doesn’t seem to have any back issues and somehow her clothes remain fully attached to her body no matter how she twists or turns with her impressive DD's. Even if there is a disappointing lack of nip-slip, the sleek and dainty nightwear has been drawn to give even those most lacking imagination food for thought.

sound 4/10

Bubbly and bright as ever, Hinako brings certain energy to the show. Where the high pitched excitement was an absolute must in Training with Hinako, it feels extremely out of place in a show designed to lull the viewer into a soothing slumber. Although her girlish whimpering is adorable as she sleeps, the over exuberance during her playful moments are more like a cheese grater to the ear than a silk scarf.

characters 10/10

She doesn’t snore. Or eat toast and make crumbs in bed. Hinako is the perfect woman!

overall 2.5/10

I questioned whether to give this show 1/10, or an ironic 10/10 for bringing something so different to the table. Sadly, it errs more towards the former. Satisfying neither the voyeuristic, nor the sleep deprived amongst its viewers, Sleeping with Hinako aimlessly flails about in desperation for forty-five minutes. Apparently, those purchasing the legitimate DVD will have the option of an 8 hour play-through, where the scenes are tacked together to treat a restless sleeper to a view of Hinako sleeping alongside him – albeit through a television screen. Personally speaking, I’ll hold out for Shopping with Hinako, or maybe even an interactive game on the Wii...

Anime Info

  • OVA (1 ep x 50 min)
  • 2010

After a hard day of exercise and having problems dozing off, Hinako is glad to have the viewer join her in bed to keep her company. Slipping into panties and a night-dress, she unfortunately struggles to get comfy. Seductively tossing and turning in bed, she is still a little shy that someone is watching her every move. Will she be kept awake at night by the thought of a late night snack, or will we finally get to sleep with Hinako?

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NoCheerios avatar NoCheerios
Dec 17, 2010

You and chii have scarily similar opinions...

Beldallan avatar Beldallan
Nov 12, 2010

As if Training with Hinako demanded a sequel, who thinks up this stuff?!

Emilee0The0Strange avatar Emilee0The0Strange
Aug 30, 2010

it looks stupid >:L

PhantomPhreek avatar PhantomPhreek
Jul 30, 2010

"She doesn’t snore. Or eat toast and make crumbs in bed."

LOL sounds like a personal experience..

LinkSword avatar LinkSword
Jun 25, 2010

Animation 7.5/10?? Even if it's sarcastic, KiraRin, you're soooooo nice...

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