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Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose Review

July 17, 2009

story 2/10

Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose screenshot

My taste in anime, more specifically ecchi anime, is usually nothing to be sheepish about at home. I will shamelessly have 38GG animated breasts undulating across the plasma television without a second thought of who will see it or what they will think. Surprisingly, it was with utter relief I was home alone to watch the sleazy and downright repugnant Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose, as something this grotesque could well have tarnished my (mostly innocent) halo.

The show starts with two mindless bimbos working in a Japanese lingerie club – using their inflated assets, the girls entertain and pleasure their morally devoid customers. Tsubomi, the pink haired heroine of the show, is a headstrong and brazen brat. Apparently still in school despite her questionable career choice, she has a well developed body and seriously underdeveloped brain. Stumbling into a handsome stranger in the street, a quick cut-scene sees the two “bumping uglies” in a love hotel. As the mysterious bishounen sows his seed in the slack pantied Tsubomi, her inner soldier awakens ready to fight for justice and sexual energy. Thinking this would be the low-point of the show, my assumptions were proved horrifically wrong as the show degenerated even further.

Enter the super-villains – a group of stereotyped, gargantuan breasted women – intent on causing chaos and forming an erotic dynasty. The evil Beene is sent to dispatch with the owner of the gentleman’s club in the most imaginative and bizarre way possible. Seeing her boss “sucked dry” causes Tsubomi to lose what little clothing she was wearing and transform into Papillon Rose. The story passes the point of no return as the scantily-clad lingerie soldier battles the orally adept enemy; pulling out a pink vibrator from her crotch, she starts beating down the opposing fembots with a cry “Rose orgasm power! Erection!”...

Aside from the poor scripting and barefaced innuendo, the show is homage to the magical shoujo genre, more specifically Sailor Moon. Riding on the success of its predecessor, Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose visually assaults the viewer with derogatory scenes straight out of a depraved doujinshi. Muddling its way through a copious amount of perverted scenes, the parody is lost as comedy takes a back seat to an animated peep show. Unless you’ve ever wanted to watch Tuxedo Mask have his wicked way with Sailor Moon, there is nothing in this show to attract even the most hardened ecchi fan.

animation 3/10

Whilst the vibrant colours and clean lines are typical of modern animation, there are some awkward moments that seem unnatural. This is most apparent during some of the tacky foreplay and raunchy fight scenes, with lips continuing to move as the characters stop speaking.

The fan boy origins of the show are very apparent; the transformation is scene a blatant copy of Sailor Moon, and the well endowed characters bear more than a passing resemblance to the Sailor Stars. Just as the game Dead or Alive was celebrated for its realistic boob buoyancy, Lingerie Senshi bucks the trend and revels in some questionable gravity effects. With a persistent rebound, the breasts are worth a show of their own. Lacking the satirical cup-size of Eiken, the artwork comes across as gross and unnecessary – looking more like kinky schoolboy scribblings than professionally produced animation.

sound 3/10

A surprisingly upbeat and catchy opening gives way to some funky incidental music supporting the transformation scenes. In all honesty, the soundtrack is well produced, fitting the shoujo charm perfectly. What let the score down are the atrocious voice overacting and diabolical scripting. With a fake orgasm that would make Meg Ryan blush, Tsubomi moans and whimpers her way through some of the most ludicrous special attacks. Cringing through the shout of “Rose pinkish Viagra”, and hearing her wish to join in with some sexual misadventure, the viewer will be left red faced at the vacuous babble of the horny heroine.

characters 2/10

With characters already well established in Sailor Moon, this parody seeks to promote the saucy side of their personalities. Unfortunately the effect of increasing the bra size causes the frivolous females to become even more vacant and airheaded. With the focus of the show entirely on the erotic exploits of the ditzy Tsubomi, the viewer is left with no character background and zero development. Her lewd behaviour gives the impression of a nymphomaniac, with no redeeming qualities. With a supporting cast not even worthy of a mention, Lingerie Senshi is seriously lacking in the character department.

Expecting more from the gallant Dandylion, it seems that the masculine component of the cast is equally susceptible to the dumbing-down disease. Having a questionable relationship with a cat, it seems he will not turn down any offer of tail. Literally.

overall 2.5/10

On the surface, Lingerie Senshi Papillon Rose seems like a harmless magical girl spoof; I went in with expectations of laughter and enjoyment – being able to giggle at inside jokes and enjoying some superficial fluff. Instead, the show descends into a perverted abomination that forsakes the witty spirit of a frolicsome genre, blurring the line between ecchi and hentai. If you’re looking for some mindless fun, give this one a wide berth as there is too much mindlessness and just not enough fun.

Anime Info

For young Tsubomi-chan, working as a lingerie-clad hostess and surviving high school is a way of life. Little does she know that she is about to become an unwitting pawn in a battle of orgasmic proportions, once she beds the charming Hikaru and seals her fate as a Papillon Soldier! Using her patented Rose Orgasm Power Erection special move, Tsubomi-chan must fight the minions of Regina Apis, a ruthless woman who seeks to possess all the sexual energy of the world!

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