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B.B. Fish Review

by: sothis
February 24, 2009

story 2/10

B.B. Fish screenshot

According to external sources, B.B. Fish is based on a fifteen-volume manga of the same name. Generally one-episode anime adaptations tend to be too confusing and don't provide enough of a background on the characters and situations to be enjoyable. B.B. Fish, while gorgeous to the eyes, is no exception.

With no explanation of who the characters are or why they're interested in what they're doing, you're dropped into the middle of a deep sea dive with Ushio and Sara. Random nakedness and pseudo superpowers ensue, followed by shots of gorgeous scenery.


But wait, there's more. A mysterious encounter with two girls (paired with mysterious drawn-out gazes) leads to more scenery shots, a yawn-inducing ‘climax' moment and more unneeded nakedness (this time in a huge bubble!). With no additional plot points and an unsatisfying conclusion, B.B. Fish's story falls flat on its face.

animation 8/10

B.B. Fish was presumably created for fanboy purposes, though the only appeal it'll have to uneducated viewers is its admittedly gorgeous visuals. Practically every other shot is picturesque: beautiful sunsets, foreboding caves and underwater wonders grace the screen and help momentarily distract from the lackluster story. Character designs are trademark 90s, and color and detail levels are quite acceptable. The only anomaly is a sequence of scenes where Ushio is shown in a rasterized fashion, looking completely out of place at best.

sound 6/10

As B.B. Fish is practically devoid of a soundtrack, its audio is nothing to scream about. The occasional track sounds like it should have come out of the 80s, and remaining sound effects such as a camera snap are satisfactory. Nothing bad, but nothing great either.

characters 1/10

You learn a few of the characters' names. Yes folks, that's about the extent of the character development. There's a bit of a glimpse into one of the mysterious girl characters, but overall you learn nothing about the cast or feel any sort of empathy towards them. B.B. Fish's length certainly doesn't help the matter.

overall 3.5/10

If for some reason you decide to watch B.B. Fish, do it for the animation. With minimal story and character development, B.B. Fish should be quickly added to any self-respecting fan's ‘won't watch' list.

Anime Info

According to legend, on a midsummer night the blue butterfly fish appears in a dragon's mouth near a tropical paradise. Ushio, Sara and their friends are in search of the fish, but even after multiple dives they're unable to find it. However, soon after Ushio and his friends encounter two women who seem to know about the blue butterfly fish. Will Ushio find what he's looking for?

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TheStampede01 avatar TheStampede01
May 22, 2012

Its a shame this couldn't have been longer, like you said the animation was fantastic and I really liked the char designs. I just didn't have any clue why anything was happening. If I got anything out of the "story" though its that if your girl looks THAT fine then you really shouldn't be looking at other women lol.

Menchi avatar Menchi
Sep 17, 2010

Heh, I watched this a while ago in my single episode ovas-watching spree, and can say that this review pretty much sums it all up. Totally forgettable title, but at least it gets credit for being one of the very few animes about diving.

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