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Bokura ga Ita Review

by: Sheex
January 12, 2008

story 7/10

Bokura ga Ita screenshot

For those not already familiar with my inexplicable taste for just about any anime with a decent romance, I'll just say that it's not too terribly difficult to pique, and keep, my interest.  Thus, when I started to fight off boredom not long after Bokura ga Ita's halfway mark, I knew I might be in trouble.  The series employs a somewhat odd style of pacing, however, that, despite this problem, managed to carry me through all twenty-six episodes.  In lieu of undulating more than a sine graph on steroids, the story orchestrates a rather innocent romance between two high school kids, and does so in a practical fashion, which perhaps explains its charm.

That said, the gist of the series is told from the perspective of the female protagonist, Takahashi.  For the first half of the series she's a good choice as narrator, but her indecisiveness becomes grating as the series progresses, and she ends up being somewhat of a turnoff.  While the same drama repeats cyclically, her thoughts themselves do not change, which gives rise to an annoying repetition of her, in many cases, downright whining.  As the viewer I wanted to see her character evolve and her romance strengthen, but instead I ended up wanting her to simply shut up and stick with a decision.

Bokura ga Ita's main problem is that it simply doesn't have enough content to span the timeframe that it does.  While relationships obviously have their ups and downs, Takahashi is like an abused dog that enjoys being kicked, and each time she justifies going back to Yano simply because she likes his smile.  As such, her character development peaks very early on, and her self-loathing and denial is only bearable for a short while.  She never really matures or changes throughout the two-year span of the series, as the same childish Takahashi in episode one bears a lot of resemblance to the adult Takahashi in episode twenty-six; her naïveté is only endearing for so long.

animation 5/10

I can't say I cared for Bokura ga Ita's animation all that much, especially considering how much it varied in quality.  Most of the time it carried a rather simplistic feel emphasized with the liberal use of pastels, generally ignoring substantial amounts of detail in favor of plain, character-focused settings.  During important scenes, however, the animation would kick itself up a notch and start incorporating much more elaborate shading effects and the like, which somewhat forced the mood and made serious moments seem slightly awkward.  Likewise, in scenes of minor importance, quality would decline, often in the form of blank backgrounds and disproportionate faces.  I've seen plenty of series with lapses in animation consistency, but it borders on obtrusive here, and I can't say that was too appealing.

sound 5.5/10

Like the animation, the musical score also left a lot to be desired in terms of quality.  The same tracks were repeated over and over throughout all twenty-six episodes, and this repetitiveness seemed to coincide with the dragging out of the storyline, which certainly didn't help in keeping my already taxed interest.  Along with an only mildly impressive cast of voice actors, the series often came across as rather monotone, and I thus found my mind wandering a lot.  Were there not considerable pacing issues with Bokura ga Ita in general I don't think this would have been as much a concern, but considering the fact that the series already teeters on the edge of boredom rather often, this was not a good thing. 

characters 6/10

To be honest, I never really liked Yano from the beginning.  While a nicer, more restrained male lead would no doubt have made the drama less entertaining, he came across as far too arrogant and chauvinistic for my tastes, and made the whole romantic scenario seem forced; for a good portion of the series Yano treats Takahashi in a downright asinine fashion.  Given that Takahashi starts off the series with a general dislike for him, it was a bit hard to swallow the nature of her attraction, most especially during the middle portion of the series.  To make it worse, toward the end Yano's personality drastically shifts from one extreme to the other, and he came across as shallow.

Takahashi proved a much stronger female lead to begin with, but she, too, ends up whiny and clingy, which made her more annoying than empathetic by the end.  Despite Yano being a total prick to her for a good portion of the series, she keeps wandering back to him time and time again, and it gets old quite quick.  Yes, I got the fact that she's supposed to draw parallels to Nana, but the writers really took it overboard and I wanted to reach through my screen and slap her on a number of occasions.

My favorite character of the bunch, though, was Takeuchi, who turned out much more likable than Yano.  The fact that the opening sequence shows absolutely nothing but Yano and Takahashi, though, indicates from the first episode that they will be together, so the "love triangle" his character introduces does nothing but draw out the drama pointlessly.  The fact that he served absolutely no purpose but to drag the series out to cover twenty-six episodes instead of thirteen bugged me to no end, and his trivialization did more to harm the anime than help it.

overall 6/10

Were Bokura ga Ita half the length with a bit more solid main characters, I think I would have enjoyed it more.  As I mentioned before, I'm a terrible sucker for romance, but when a story is drawn out so terribly long by dumbing down its characters, I can't say it suites my tastes.  However, I don't think it's as bad as I've made it sound, and settles somewhere just above my bar for mediocrity, so perhaps I've bashed it a bit too much.  It's a decent choice for a serious, relatively realistic romantic drama, so if that fits your tastes, it's at least worth looking into.

Anime Info

Yano Motoharu is the most popular guy in class, the school’s basketball ace, and highly charismatic to boot! No wonder Nanami Takahashi can’t resist falling in love with him. When Yano returns Nana’s feelings, things seem too good to be true and the two begin a relationship; but Yano has a contradictory personality which confuses Nana most of the time. On top of that, tragic events in Yano’s past won’t stop haunting their relationship. Unable to halt their passionate feelings, are Yano and Nana heading for disaster or can they save each other from irreparable hurt?

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isundae avatar isundae
Dec 13, 2009

i liked this series quite alot, i was getting bored thru it some of the time. But decided to stick with it. The plot is really unusual, which is why i remember it quite well. And true the animation was really bad. Overall i'd recommend this anime to romance lovers! x

KiraRin avatar KiraRin
Oct 27, 2009

Another in the agree pile right here. Just finishing this show, as the painful limp to the climax has made me grow to hate Yanno even more. Takeuchi was so kind, and likable but ended up completely shat upon by everyone else. He just seems to give up after his confession. Yanno really ticked me off with his selfish and manipulative behaviour.

I would disagree with your score on the animation. I found it horrible, especially the way facial features would just go missing... and the consistently drab water colour backgrounds.

From a show I initially adored, the last few episodes simply spoilt it.


Quandian avatar Quandian
Jul 21, 2009

Unlike FluffynPink im not goint to excuse this show just because it was made in japan. The main character and love interest were painful to watch, much harder to like. In fact the more the show dragged on the more i was praying Yano's love rival, Takeuchi would win. This series dragged on about 10 episodes worth into 26, and it did not do itself a favor by choosing to do so. One could easily know everything about the characters by the halfway mark, yet they keep breaking up over the same stuff and coming back together for no reason. DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON ANIMATION. In over 3/4 of the scenes the characters are missing noses, and in 1/2 of they are missing eyes. Background includes recycled colored pages when characters are entering pointless inner dialogue, a classroom, a restaurant and cityscape... used over and over and over. The opening and closing theme are forgettable and the mood music is recycled more than the animation. Speaking of animation, it couldnt have been expensive since the characters sit still more than anything else; and when they are moving its probably because they are about to have a flashback to another time they were sitting still preparing to have another flashback. IF YOU WANT TO WATCH AN ENJOYABLE ROMANTIC SHOW do yourself a favor and check out Toradora! or Lovely Complex; which have more likeable characters and thicker plots.

FluffynpinK avatar FluffynpinK
Jul 12, 2009

I completely disagree. Where you even watching the same anime?

The pace was good, it had its dramas, it was very emotional and touched the viewer. "Takahashi is like an abused dog that enjoys being kicked, and each time she justifies going back to Yano simply because she likes his smile." Of course there was more behind her feelings than just his smile, you could obviously figure that out for yourself.

The anime was not drawn out, the characters were not dumbed down, they kept their personality! Some people just don't mature or lose their arrogance.

DragonNeko avatar DragonNeko
Jul 8, 2009

I have to agree with you completely. I was hooked from the begining, but as it dragged on I found myself having to force it a bit. I wasn't satisfied with the ending at all, and I would have liked her to end up with Takeuchi. I read the last few pages of the manga, and I was bothered even more by the ending. I had started watching this in hopes of enjoying a good romance story, but it just left me unhappy. It really would have been better if they made it shorter, or if they had at least added more depth to it. Great review! I'll have to read more of yours :D

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