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Hanoka Review

by: sothis
December 30, 2007

story 3/10

Hanoka screenshot

I'd really like to start out this review with a quirky statement about Hanoka, but I can't; instead, I'll sum up the series in one word: boooooooooring!

Hanoka is a twelve-episode series that spans approximately forty minutes in length, with about six total minutes of recap included. The entirety of the story revolves around the rather tired concept of galactic beings who want to destroy the pestilence that is humanity. But wait! Thrown in for good measure is a strongly-implied shoujo-ai relationship between a generic weapon-being and a human - how original! [note: after writing this review, I've read a few synopses for Hanoka and discovered that Yuuri is commonly referred to as a male. It is extremely damn difficult to tell, and in my opinion she comes across as female; so since there's no way to know for sure, I will continue believing what I think is correct.]

It's hard to say more about Hanoka's short story without spoiling, so I'd just like to reemphasize how boring and unoriginal the story is. There is a mild twist about the nature of the Majins, and a bit of (ineffective) tragedy, but the magical loophole (and confusing) ending seals the deal on this anime gone bad.

Claymore, Hoshi no Koe, and Saikano are much better anime that have elements of Hanoka's plot, but are far more effective, story-wise.

animation 3/10

Hanoka is touted as being the first anime TV series to be created completely in Flash - and it shows. I have to give the creators credit for trying something new, but the animation looks flat out terrible. Any animation looks like a paper cutout is being dragged across the screen, and the crude line work instills an air of unprofessionalism.

The character designs are easily the most offensive aspect of the animation: they can only be described as horrendously ugly. Number Seven is probably the most likeable of the bunch, though she's a blatant rip-off of KOS-MOS from Xenosaga. The rest of the characters have shading that must have been drawn by animators on acid, as it makes Yuuri look like a pig and the rest of the characters look like they suffer from some form of skin-lightening skin disease. The mouths stuck out specifically with their thick solid black outline and solid cherry red (or white, or sometimes alternating between red and white) insides.

sound 5/10

Hanoka's music would be fine - if it wasn't the same song being played over and over again. I counted approximately two tracks throughout the twelve episodes, but I might be missing some. The oft-repeated track is decent and is reminiscent of playing an RPG, but it does indeed get old. A forgettable soundtrack, regardless.

characters 2/10

Is it just me, or is it hard to believe two characters can fall in love with each other after only a short time (and a short number of events) has happened? Frankly, Yuuri and Number Seven's implied relationship seemed completely arbitrary and random - then again, most of the characters on their own seem that way. Yuuri's stubborn and harsh exterior melt away almost immediately after meeting Number Seven, and various minor villains are so forgettable that you wonder who they are as they grace the screen for a second or third time.

overall 2.5/10

Hanoka is a completely forgettable and pointless anime to watch. The story is unoriginal, the animation is terrible, and the gimmick of being the first flash-animated anime does not excuse the grotesque character designs. Avoid Hanoka at pretty much all costs.   

Anime Info

  • TV (12 eps x 5 min)
  • 2006

On a distant planet, a war wages between humanity and the extraterrestrial Citizens of the Stars. Humans, in a desperate attempt to drive off their attackers, force enslaved beings known as Majins to fight for their cause. Strong-willed Yuuri is a member of the Superior Soldier Team - a group that is on the front lines of the war. She has been begrudgingly charged with the care of a Majin known as Number Seven - but as the fighting continues, Yuuri and Number Seven grow very close. Humanity is on the verge of extinction at the hands of the Citizens of the Stars; can Yuuri and Number Seven turn the tide of the war so they can be together forever?

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HikaruTenshi avatar HikaruTenshi
Apr 17, 2010

I concur.. I Vaguely remember what this one was about... Mwahahahaha. It was one of those shows that you look back and say, " I can't believe I sat through that." or "What was I thinking."


Figrysia avatar Figrysia
Aug 11, 2009

A nice a funny review.

I see you put much effort and fun typing this XD

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