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Koi Kaze Review

April 26, 2007

story 9/10

Koi Kaze screenshot

Sexual taboos are a funny thing, aren’t they?

To be honest, the incest seen in Please Twins and Angel Sanctuary never really fazed me. My brain was able to recognize these unhealthy relationships for what they were – a gimmick used to make the audience pay more attention. Although from a moralistic standpoint what the characters were doing was definitely pretty skanky, in the end I didn’t really worry all that much; it was all in good fun, after all.

Only when Koi Kaze addressed the ever popular topic once again did I actually become unsettled. I groaned, I gnashed my teeth, I whined to my laptop screen… anything to lighten the intensely disturbing feelings that the anime was force-feeding into me. The night after I finished, I actually lost sleep over what I had seen. The other two animes had failed to unnerve me, but Koi Kaze succeeded frighteningly well.

In addition to this, the plotline is flat-out superior to just about any romance anime that I have seen. While most romance plots feel contrived and predictable, Koi Kaze is anything but. Rather than relying on hackneyed plot elements to maintain the audience’s interest, the anime is wise enough to rely on everyday events, simple dialogue, and repressed emotion. When out of the ordinary occurrences do happen, they are all the more shocking because of it. Amazingly, throughout the entirety of this relatively quiet show, I was never bored and often transfixed to the screen… right up to the ending.

animation 5.5/10

The animation as a whole is passable, but definitely not good. Backgrounds and character designs are nice, but movement tends to be very choppy. Also, when characters speak, the mouths often look very unnatural.

sound 6.5/10

Not an OST that can be listened to by itself, but with the series I found that it did an excellent job of maintaining the mood of the show. Voice acting by the male lead is superb; the seiyuu’s deep voice conveys emotion incredibly well.

characters 9.5/10

The key difference between this and lesser incest shows, I think, is the character development. In Angel Sanctuary, the individuals involved didn’t really feel like real people, but puppets being used to take the storyline to whatever pretentious direction the writers wanted to go in next. With Please Twins, the immense fanservice and the idiotic dialogue (we might be related, but we might not!) dehumanized the girls enough to make the overtones palatable.There is no such lucky break in Koi Kaze. Not only are the characters absolutely loveable, but they also feel incredibly real. In particular, the main character, Koshiro, is truly a work of art. Bitter, tired, loveless, and lonely, Koshiro is excellently developed from the very beginning. Never for a moment are his actions doubtable, even when they begin to become obviously wrong. The sister, Nanoka, is equally believable, with her blind, puppy-dog love and heartbreaking naiveté.

overall 8.5/10

When all is said and done, is Koi Kaze a great anime, or is it a despicable one? This depends largely on what you’re looking for in anime. For those who want easy laughs, a clever plotline, or a sappy, feel good romance, I strongly urge that you stay far away from this series. However, as far as sheer emotional punch or lasting impression goes, Koi Kaze is one of the best series out there.

Anime Info

If life teaches us anything, it is that love sometimes happens in the most unlikely of places, with the most unlikely of people. Koshiro is a run-of-the-mill salaryman who has recently been dumped by his partner. With his heart broken and hope lost, he soon comes to realize that he can love again, once he sets eyes on a beautiful young schoolgirl riding the train. However, there is one catch -- this girl named Nanoka is his sister, who he has not seen in years. Knowing that their forbidden love will always be scrutinized by society; will Koushirou and Nanoka be able to resist the temptation?

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MrAnime avatar MrAnime
Jan 17, 2013

"the mouths often look very unnatural."

- vivafruit

So I wasn't the only person who felt that way! Thank god! Everytime I see them speak, the whiteness in their mouths look very werid to me, almost like looking into a dark hole but instead of it being black, it's pure white. A nothing-ness void of brightness.

Good series though. I liked it.

dalmain avatar dalmain
Dec 17, 2012

Good Review. I don't watch a whole lot of slice of life or romantic themed anime. Most of the ones that I've seen in the past follow the same formula and are predictable for the most part. I knew Koi Kaze dealt with a taboo subject and on top of that the age difference between the characters could be unsettling. But it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. The characters were realistic. The show was mature and done really well. I cared about the characters. I wanted their relationship to work and for them to be happy..strange that may seem. You certainly have to watch this with an open mind. Emotions were portrayed so well and that's what I like most about it.

default avatar Crocodillius
Sep 6, 2012

While I agree that I usually prefer a decent ending I'm glad this anime didn't have one. The open ending allows  viewers to imagine whatever ending they wish so they may feel better about what they've just seen. I cannot decide whether I want them to commit Lover's Suicide or find happiness together.

It's also pretty amazing how a taboo can twist people. It is the same when homosexuals are forced to repress their true selves. I guess in this case their children will have a much higher chance of being deformed/disabled etc so I can certainly see why that sort of relationship should be taboo but it also doesn't seem right that if two people truly love each other that they should be kept apart.

All in all I think this anime has certainly got me thinking the most out of all the anime I've seen so far.

Trix017 avatar Trix017
May 10, 2012

Thank you for writing this review.  Without it, I likely never would have stumbled across such a hidden gem.

StevenSAKUJO avatar StevenSAKUJO
May 13, 2011

pretty brave anime, dealing with incest and statutory rape... I was surprized to be honest I didn't really expect this ;p. I liked it personally I think there's nothing wrong with incest as long as you dont have strong relationships with the rest of your family and that you don't plan to make a family of your own (at least not together adoption is fine). Although i'm sure most people disagree with me, I think this anime furthered my beliefs... the age difference however... almost twice the age is a bit meh. The truth is a lot of teens are confused and shit and they're horny too so they just get with their siblings and that's not cool... I think any girl could find a less troublesome relationship and be just as happy so it's an interesting debate ;0

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