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Kanon Review

by: sothis
August 6, 2005

story 2/10

Kanon screenshot Kanon is quite possibly the most generic dribble ever to come out of a dating-sim series, as far as the romance goes. It is filled with the most stereotypical characters: an annoying, whiny, yet needy girl, a clutz that sounds like a 5 year old, who also acts like one, the outcast, the girl who is inevitably dying, etc. In addition to the textbook romance type story, the series can't decide what kind of show it is. It ranges from generic romance, to weird supernatural/horrorish (which ends up being LAME and unrealistic), and also a depressing tragedy of sorts related to death. Quite a bit of the plot is unrealistic, which makes the romance seem even more fake and game-related. And that's really what this series comes down to... it doesn't try to hide the fact that it's based on a game. You know how some series like this, you know they are based on a game, but they still might seem like it could be real life? Not so in Kanon... it literally feels like it was adapted right out of the game. Good? Not as far as I'm concerned.

Not to mention, the crux of the entire series (Yuuichi and his random amnesia) is never even explained!

animation 4/10

I've seen a lot of series in this genre, so it isn't like I am discriminating against this one only. I don't mind the dating sim look, but Kanon is just bad. The character designs are utterly terrible. Yuuichi is the best example, I think. Very pointy face, eyes that aren't the same size as anyone else in the show, but also very horizontal looking and wide. Hair that looks like a toupee. Female designs are totally generic and boring, with textbook eyes that take up half the face, hair that looks exactly the same on each person (including parents, who look like they are 15 too). Barely any shading was done with characters, especially the faces. Combined with the dot of ink that comprises the nose, the characters themselves are just not attractive to look at from an animation standpoint. Also, the hair shading was fairly ridiculous and bad looking (such as a horizontal white line across parts to indicate the light shining off of it, I guess?).

Besides the hideous attempt at character design, the rest wasn't too bad. Attention to detail was fairly well done, such as the reflection of the characters in a store window. Backgrounds decently done. The colors used were fairly random, sometimes good, and sometimes very dull or bad looking.

All in all, extremely average animation.. not in the sense that it looks old and bad, but that it is EXTREMELY generic. Plus the awful character designs.

sound 4/10

Completely standard textbook dating-sim game music. The occasional vocal track is played, but usually piano type tracks were played.

Voice actors I guess accomplished their goals, with syrupy sweet little girl voices for most of the characters, making them seem even more childish and immature than they might have been. There are barely any males in the series, but Yuuichi's voice was fine.

characters 2/10

As you surely remember, I mentioned already that the characters were incredibly generic and textbook. Honestly, you are so emotionless towards them because of how generic they are, that I can't give this score anything decent. When finding out a character is terminally ill, I rolled my eyes and thought "of COURSE they needed something like this in the show". You understand every character from the beginning, because you've seen it all before. Many times, in other series. The relationships between the characters seem paper thin and are uninteresting. Yuuichi's choice seems random, which some people might enjoy over the type where you know exactly who he will choose. In addition, the sense of fantasy that is thrown in occasionally makes you not able to take it seriously. I like fantasy shows, and I also like drama/romance type shows. But putting random bits of fantasy into a romance show just makes it unrealistic, and you can't take it seriously.

overall 3.5/10

If there ever was a good place to use the word "asstacular" it would be for Kanon. I forced myself to finish this show because I've wanted to see it for awhile, but my god, it was difficult to watch 13 episodes (plus the Kazahana special). It's literally just like watching any other dating sim.. whether it be Memories Off, or "With You", or (MUCH BETTER) Kimi ga Nozomu Eien... but instead of being short like the first two, it's 13 episodes. I have no idea how anyone would want to sit through that much of generic dating-sim action, myself.. but maybe you'd enjoy it. Usually the redeeming factor of these series is the animation, and it didn't cut it for Kanon. Dave, at one point, was talking to me and saw Yuuichi's face on the screen and said something along the lines of "wow, that guy's face is messed up".

As far as rewatchability, I hated this one, so what do you think?

Bah. I wouldn't touch this one with a 10 foot pole again.

Anime Info

For Aizawa Yuuichi, returning to the town where he spent his childhood has been an unusual affair. Yuuichi, it seems, has forgotten his memories of the past, including encounters with several young ladies who would love nothing more than to see him again. As the days pass, flickers of the past began to surface, revealing more and more of the dark events that once came to be. As the reuniting continues, Yuuichi soon starts to realize that his past may be far more complex than he once believed it to be...

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rameneater avatar rameneater
Sep 18, 2011

lol it always makes me laugh when theres a whole bunch of generic characters thrown into one show.

i know this might sound wierd but i always find the inevitably dying girl hilarious! xD all her lines are typical wishfull thinking.

Ascrod avatar Ascrod
May 1, 2011

Anything with eyes that far apart cannot possibly be human.

Dec 23, 2010

Indeed, Kanon 2002 was horrible. Kanon 2006 really made up fo it, producing some of the best stories and characters I've seen.

PhantomLiege avatar PhantomLiege
Dec 30, 2009

Nice review. Alot of truth in this review. Same with me robina, I saw 1 screen shot and thought that it was a user-created screenshot.. Then I go to watch the first episode and then...WTF!? Yuuichi looked like a massive tool. Nayuki and her mom looked weird sin some way and Ayu's eyes told me that she doesn't get much sleep..LOL!

Until I found the remake Kanon 2006, I was was so much happier with the characters, they had a massive remake, they looked amazing. It's what Kanon needed, and so I watched it and I love it. =D

And the story is much, much better in the remake.. Thank god!

robina avatar robina
Dec 7, 2009

i totally agree on the character designs point.. i was seriously shocked when the first eps was on.. i have seen a screen shot but i assumed it was just a random bad shot.

the story was by far.. the most boring story ever.. i have seen some bad anime.. but this one is by far the most boring of all.. i had to force myself to see where the story would end as it would be romance at one point then fantasy strikes in and then people start dying.. errr.. more like just vanishing in thin air :S etc.. so i was just wondering where else could this go?

i'll give the remake a try.. the characters seem to be more appealing, the ranking is better also i assume the story is told in a more interesting way.

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