Recommendation FAQ

What is a Recommendation?

A 'recommendation' on Anime-Planet is: If you liked [this series], you'd also like [this series] BECAUSE....

Let's say you think someone who likes Cowboy Bebop would also like Trigun. You would go to the Cowboy Bebop anime entry (or its manga entry), and click the 'add recommendations' button next to your anime status/rating. You would then type Trigun into the first title box, and also type the reason why you think they'd like Trigun too.

Good: "If you liked Cowboy Bebop or Trigun, you'd like the other because both of them have.... [etc]"

Bad: "Trigun is about [this]".

Keep in mind the reader will have already read the synopsis for Trigun, so you should not describe why Trigun is good. Instead, talk about why they'd like Trigun if they liked Cowboy Bebop too.


  1. Please don't recommend two titles based only on their studio/a staff member. If there's elements of both anime/manga that make them a good pairing, please use that as the reason instead. Otherwise, the reader can just look up the studio and see all entries they were involved in.
  2. Please have a reason for recommending other than 'I just like them both'
  3. Please write at least one full sentence (100 chars minimum) - and adding filler text doesn't count ;)
  4. Please don't make a recommendation based only on a single plot element - for example, don't recommend two vampire series ONLY because they both have vampires. A comedy vampire series doesn't necessarily make for a good recommendation with a horror vampire series. You can do this selectively, but you must explain the other reasons the two fit together.
  5. It's ok to make a recommendation based on a gut feeling, but please clearly explain that in the reason (and do this selectively).
  6. It's better to make no recommendations than bad recommendations. ^_^ So if you don't have a solid reason, wait until you find an entry that works better.

'Recommend Both Ways'

If you check the 'Recommend Both Ways' box, Anime-Planet will automatically create the opposite recommendation for you, using the same reason.

Example: on the Cowboy Bebop page, you recommend Trigun (Cowboy Bebop -> Trigun), write a reason, and check the 'Recommend Both Ways' box. By doing this, Anime-Planet will also make a recommendation for Trigun -> Cowboy Bebop, using the exact same reason you already typed.

For this reason, your reason must work both ways.

Good: 'If you liked Bebop or Trigun, you'd like the other because...'

Bad: 'If you liked Bebop, you'd like Trigun because...' (this won't work for Trigun->Bebop!)

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