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Peach-Pit image

Anime Staff in

Anime Title Role
DearS Original Manga Creator
Rozen Maiden Original Manga Creator
Rozen Maiden: Detective Kun-Kun Original Manga Creator
Rozen Maiden: Ouverture Original Manga Creator
Rozen Maiden: Traumend Original Manga Creator
Shugo Chara! Original Manga Creator
Shugo Chara!! Doki Original Manga Creator
Shugo Chara Party! Original Manga Creator
Zombie-Loan Original Manga Creator
Zombie-Loan Specials Original Manga Creator

Manga Staff in

Manga Title Role
DearS Artist
DearS Author
Kingyozaka Noboru Artist
Kingyozaka Noboru Author
Prism Palette Artist
Prism Palette Author
Rozen Maiden Artist
Rozen Maiden Author
Rozen Maiden - Dolls Talk Author
Rozen Maiden II Artist
Rozen Maiden II Author
Shoujo no Tsukurikata Artist
Shoujo no Tsukurikata Author
Shugo Chara! Artist
Shugo Chara! Author
Shugo Chara! Encore! Artist
Shugo Chara! Encore! Author
Zombie-Loan Artist
Zombie-Loan Author

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