Zombie Powder

Vol: 4
3.618 of 5 from 868 votes
Rank #4,590
Zombie Powder

In the world there are thirteen "rings of death" which, once collected, can be used to create "Zombie Powder": an elixir capable of granting immortality and restoring life to the dead. Many have tried to collect these dangerous rings which devour their wearers - and all have failed. John Elwood Shepherd is a young pickpocket who lives in one of the many small towns surrounded by the wasteland. When he meets Akatubi Gamma, a wanted criminal on a hunt for the rings; and his mysterious partner C.T. Smith, a highly-talented gunman; he is drawn into following the two in the hopes of saving his sister and having an adventure along the way!

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angelsreviews Jul 29, 2013
Score 6/10

Automatically, the first few pages reminded me of Trigun in how the main character is portrayed. He’s somewhat flashy, and acts like an idiot in a world of the western gun. Gamma is really comedic and seems to also be a womanizer himself as seen with Elwood’s sister. So, a womanizing, comedic, and almost bad ass of a guy is looking for something around the desert. He is kind to anyone he meets and... read more

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Melodux Jun 13, 2011
Score 9/10

Story: I really liked the idea of the Rings of Death, and that gathering them together can do something for the gatherer{s}. However, I felt like Zombie Powder was Dragon Ball Z meets Trigun. We have the aspect of gathering many of the same item to grant a wish, and the aspects of the main character having a large bounty on his head and the setting of a futuristic western. I feel like Kubo could... read more



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