Zashiki Onna

Vol: 1; Ch: 11
3.183 out of 5 from 191 votes
Rank #5,902
Zashiki Onna main image

One night, Hiroshi is bothered by incessant knocking coming from the hall outside his door. He sees a large, stringy-haired woman pounding on his neighbor's apartment door, though she leaves soon after. However, the next day the woman returns, and this time she seems to have her cold, frightening sights set on Hiroshi...

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ThePatches's avatar by ThePatches on Oct 14, 2009
Score: 7/10

Layout. Zashiki Onna is a masterclass in how layout can carry an otherwise straightforward manga. While I found the story a traditional urban legend with a distinctly Japanese flavor, the suspense that Mochizuki injects into the work through clever scripting and shot composition pulls the viewer into Hiroshi's plight.While initially put off by the otherwise ugly artwork, I found the tight plotting and grim end... read more

Melodux's avatar by Melodux on Jun 27, 2011
Score: 6/10

Story: The story was pretty addicting, and set to the right pace of the length of the manga. Aside from the predictable fact of knowing that the woman will always be in the most unfortunate places at the most unfortunate times for the main character. However, about halfway through the manga, because of the sudden involvement of other characters and the initiative to rid the main character and co. from... read more



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