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Chaosic Rune

Chaosic Rune

When Ryouga was a boy, he was the sole survivor of a terrible plane crash; with horror, he watched as the other survivors were eaten by a terrifying monster, healing Ryouga's wounds in the process. As a teenager, Ryouga is haunted by these memories and agrees to go with a stranger to a mysterious school for special people. However, little did Ryouga know that within the school's walls lied a brutal game in which cards are used to summon monsters and obliterate other players. Armed with an exceptionally powerful card known as Death Rex, Ryouga must do everything in his power to win so that he may discover the truth behind his past and accept what fate requires of him to do.

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TheMajor5 TheMajor5 says...

Well, I hope the rec is obvious.  Both Chaosic and Yu-Gi-Oh! are card games where epic monsters are born to fight.  If you want a Yu-Gi-Oh! that actually has 1000X the more blood, Choasic is the way to go.  It is really gory.  The card bearer actually puts his life on the line, he is one with the card.  Both mangas are creative and have nicely paced story.  If you haven't witnessed enough monsters, then read the other. 

Thrawn Thrawn says...

Card games are all the rage, with them monster pictures and dueling against quirky foes, it's pretty hip. But Chaosic Rune ups the ante with a high violence and blood quota and while it's monster's are physical, Yu-Gi-Oh! has holographic monsters to give it more umph than just being cards. Both card games contain more than just monsters, with Chaosic Runes' item cards and Yu-Gi-Oh!'s trap, magic and even equippable cards. In the end if you want some good card games, check out either but once again, Chaosic Rune isn't for the squeamish, content-wise.

Gamble Fish

Gamble Fish

The story is set at Shishidou, a school attended by rich and elite people. Tomu Shirasagi, a gambler, is a mysterious new transfer student who has come from a public school (instead of a prestigious private one) and faces the elitist environment. There, he declares a challenge toward any student and claims he will bring to the ruin the whole school through a series of gambling matches.

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Drahken Drahken says...

If you enjoyed the first 2 volumes of this & were disappointed when it shifted to a lighter tone when the card game was added, you'll enjoy Gamble Fish.