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Yami no Aegis

Yami no Aegis Cover Image
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Yoshihide FUJIWARA Artist
Kyoichi NANATSUKI Author

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ChiLynn read Yami no Aegis at 26 of 26 volumes
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basnein won't read Yami no Aegis
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When Ayaka Nozawa's parents are killed by members of the Okima yakuza, she is told by a friend to run to White Dragon, an assassin for hire. Infuriated by the injustice inflicted upon her, White Dragon agrees to help her exact her revenge; but even after her revenge is carried out, the two are forced to stay together, since the only food White Dragon can now eat is Ayaka's cooking! Who will White Dragon be hired to help next, and how will he continue to protect Ayaka?


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The similarities between the two manga’s are few, but quite important. In both, there is a rather strange but legendary bodyguard that uses a special weapon in order to accomplish his job. While their beliefs and methods are as different as a sword and shield, they hold to them in a way that sets them apart from others.