Vol: 24; Ch: 255
3.175 of 5 from 72 votes
Rank #7,429

Hotheaded, cocky Yaiba Kurogane is a would-be samurai who’s been trained in the jungle by his father for his entire life; but soon, Yaiba finds himself in Japan and in a whole new world! He quickly meets the Mine family and defeats Onimaru, the head of the high school kendo club, who vows to take his revenge on Yaiba. Later on, Onimaru stumbles across an evil sword and is possessed by the demon sealed within it, making Yaiba’s life even more difficult. Now, Yaiba must wield the powers of Raijin, the thunder sword, to help stand a chance against Onimaru’s newfound evil ways. He will train hard and find new friends and allies in his quest to stop the ultimate evil!

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Drahken Oct 2, 2009
Score 7/10

Man... This couldn't BE a more blatrant Dragonball ripoff if it tried. The art is very similar, the characters are very similar (a spiky-haired kid with superhuman strength & ninja skills, an older girl playing a nanny-like role, an irresponsible old geezer who's supposed to be teaching the kid, a villain who's a blatant piccolo ripoff). At first Yaiba at least tried to be a little unique, with the plot... read more

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