Vol: 19; Ch: 213
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At first glance, Kimihiro Watanuki appears to be a normal high school student; but little do people know that not only is Watanuki able to see spirits, but he's also a magnet for them! One day, after being chased by one such spirit, Watanuki happens upon a strange building. There he meets a mysterious witch named Yuuko, who claims she can get rid of his ability to see spirits - for a price: Watanuki must work as her housekeeper until he has paid off the cost of granting his wish. Now Watanuki's eyes are being opened to an entirely new side of the world as he assists Yuuko in her work, all while balancing the housework, his schoolwork, and most importantly, ensuring that Yuuko is never out of sake!

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angelsreviews Oct 23, 2013
Score 8/10

The story line for the most part is the same as the anime, with little things here and there that change which is rather normal for going from print to anime. A couple things though seem to of been changed. The first one is that Watanuki doesn’t feel like he is a total spas from what I have read. He seems a little more put together then the anime series. Yuko on the other hand seems to speak even more... read more

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flyingtarantulas Sep 14, 2011
Score 10/10

I wonder how many good things can I say about xxxHolic while holding my breath. Short answer: so many that I wouldn't be able to finish due to a little conditon called asphyxiation. xxxHolic is wonderful. Just truly wonderful. I haven't read such a great manga in quite a while. First off, the story. The story is excellent, though it can be confusing at times. It takes the structure of having a main plot they... read more

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