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XO Sisters

XO Sisters Cover Image
  • Vol: 3+; Ch: 17+
  • 2011 - ?
3.484 out of 5 from 75 votes
Rank #3,954


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Name Role
Seong-Won HWANG Artist
Seong-Su PARK Author

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Weird manga I read recently JAhU 1 Jan 6, 12
domoarigato12 rated the XO Sisters manga 3.5/5 stars
domoarigato12 is reading XO Sisters manga at 5 of ? chapters
domoarigato12 is reading XO Sisters
Japanimation is reading XO Sisters manga at 8 of ? chapters
Japanimation rated the XO Sisters manga 5/5 stars

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Girls of the Wild's

Girls of the Wild's

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When Koreans make a manhwa about a guy being admitted to an all-girls school, it's not quite what you would expect from a Japanese authors. Both Girls of the Wild's and XO Sisters feature such (un)fortunate protagonist. There are some other similarities such as girls who can fight really well and an extremely good art style. However, aside from previously mentioned themes those manhwa are not very similar. Nonetheless, I hope the things I wrote do encourage you to check them out, as those are good quality series.