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Watching TV All The Time Makes You Stupid

Watching TV All The Time Makes You Stupid Cover Image
  • One Shot
2.564 out of 5 from 192 votes
Rank #6,968


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Welcome to the NHK!

Welcome to the NHK!

For years, paranoid Satou Tatsuhiro has shut himself away in his apartment for days on end, with barely any social contact whatsoever. Then one day when he answers the door, he is greeted by an older woman and a girl called Misaki, who are going from door-to-door to inform people of the recent social problems of hikikomoris. In a fit of depression about his way of living, Satou decides that the only way to escape his current life cycle is to muster up his courage, face his fears, and go outside to find a job. However, instead of employment, he finds Misaki waiting for him; she intends to make Satou her ‘project' so that he can reconnect with society. Now with the help of his friend Yamazaki and Misaki's evening meetings, will Satou be able to escape his hikikomori lifestyle, or will he simply fall deeper into the clutches of conspiracy and his own demons?

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OK, so Welcome to the NHK is an 8-volume series and Watching TV is a oneshot, but hear me out. Both of these stories deal with someone attempting to help re-introduce a hikikomori into society. Both can also be quite depressing at times, so if you like one, then you might find the other to be your kind of thing.